Daily Archives: February 19, 2021

Gratitude Friday

 1. Morning walks. Just like most of the country, we had extra cold temperatures and more snow, so Ringo spent most of the week either not walking (Monday morning was -11 degrees!) or running with Eric, but there was one day where it was 21 degrees and less than an inch of new snow had fallen, so I got to go with.

2. Making something that doesn’t have to be anything. I’ve enlisted my dear friend Mikalina to help me get back in touch with my intuition, my creative wisdom, that thing that inspires everything else. I’ve lost touch with it, (thanks burnout, thanks COVID-19, thanks capitalism), and to do the work I want to do, live the life I want, I need to get that connection back. Mikalina is giving me creative homework each week and it’s softening and unlocking something I’ve missed SO MUCH.

3. Practice. This week I remembered that practice isn’t about making or doing something good or correct but rather showing up, making space for what might arise. It’s not about getting it right, but about seeing where it goes.

4. Comfort. Naps in a dark room cuddled under a down blanket. Hot coffee with tiny marshmallows in one of my favorite mugs. That corner of the couch with the pillows and a blanket. Birds in the feeder. A warm shower and clean pjs. Clean laundry. Sitting in the sauna with Eric. The feel of Ringo’s soft fur and warm body. The sound of a dog sigh. Stretching. Clementines. Watching Antiques Roadshow with Eric. Taking the Facebook app off my phone and staying off altogether for three whole days. Reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

5. My tiny family. Sure, I’ve experienced some bad luck, disappointment, and other really bad stuff in my life, but my tiny family is my version of winning the lottery.

Bonus joy: Friday morning Wild Writing, the four dogs that live across the street, grocery pickup, sunshine, writing and hanging out with Mikalina, good books, podcasts, comedy, new sheets, Eric and Ringo napping together on the couch, “singing” with Ringo, that at least while he’s the only dog Ringo has all the toys all over, Girl Scout Thin Mints, soft chewy bread, toasted walnuts, texting with my mom and brother and Chloe’, fingernail clippers, scissors, stick glue, Zoom, birthdays, knowing your people are safe, dog rescue, electricity, clean water, snow tires, swimming pools.