Something Good

From our walk, no filter

1. The First Body-Positive Children’s Book Just Came Out, and It’s Exactly What the World Needs Now.

2. 23 Instant Pot Recipes With No Meat Or Dairy.

3. 200 Key Sanskrit Yoga Terms.

4. She Coined the Term ‘Intersectionality’ Over 30 Years Ago. Here’s What It Means to Her Today.

5. Demi Lovato has opened up about her exercise addiction. Here’s how to spot one. “Lovato says she was exercising as much as three times a day, after each meal. ‘There were times I lived at the gym,’ she said. ‘I’d eat a meal, go work out. And that’s not happiness to me. That’s not freedom.'”

6. Black National Anthem. (video)

7. The High Note movie trailer.

8. AOC just flipped the entire ‘religious freedom’ argument on its head. (video)

9. How to Decolonize Your Yoga Practice.

10. Comebacks to Shutdown Fatphobia – Part 5 from Dances with Fat.

11. Fat Women Onscreen Deserve Better Than Crappy Love Interests.

12. The Diet Industrial Complex Got Me, and It Will Never Let Me Go.

13. Six Sentences I Can’t Forget. In related news, the post Rita wrote after reading it, 6 Sentences.

14. How to Be a Bodhisattva on Lion’s Roar. “It may seem like an unattainable ideal, but you can start right now as a bodhisattva-in-training. All you need is the aspiration to put others first and some inspiration from helpful guides like the Buddhist teachers found here.” In related news, also from Lion’s Roar, Why Bodhisattvas Need to Disrupt the Status Quo.

15. How to Be Perfect, a poem by Ron Padgett.

16. 8 Reasons Why Gentle Discipline Works Best With the Highly Sensitive Child.

17. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay. I just started watching this and I really love it.

18. NSFW Video Starring Cynthia Nixon Calls Out Double Standards For “Ladies”.

19. Stacey Abrams Is Building a New Kind of Political Machine in the Deep South. “Behind the scenes with the policy wonk, power broker, romance novelist, lawyer and entrepreneur who just might be our next vice president.”

20. 9 Tips for Staying Safe in Yoga Classes.

21. Andrea Gibson: Come to Where I’m From Podcast Episode #75. (video)

22. 58 Body Positive Journal Prompts. “Dig deep into the hows and whys of improving your body image with these thoughtful writing, journaling and meditation prompts.”

23. Susanna Bauer Examines the Tension Between Strength and Fragility in Her Stitched Leaves.

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