Something Good

Lee Martinez Farm, image by Eric

1. Some “What Ifs” For Dealing With Fatphobia In The New Year from Dances with Fat. In related news, How to Deal When Your Friends Go On Diets and New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t Diets, also from Dances with Fat.

2. More book lists! My reading year, 2019 from Austin Kleon and 100 Must Read Books of 2019.

3. CREATE.2020 with Karen Walrond, “a 15-day, self-guided journaling course to help you reflect on the previous year, dream about the new one, and help guide you to actualize your best intentions for 2020.”

4. When Your Expectations of Others is Making You Frustrated from Zen Habits. In related news, Toward peace, from Seth Godin.

5. Journaling Prompts to Relieve Stress: 10 for Morning + 10 for Evening from Be More With Less. Even if you don’t journal, these would work as contemplations too, I suspect.

6. These are the charities where your money will do the most good, a great set of tips and strategies for giving.

7. Artists Photographs 25 Kids From Around The World With What They Eat In One Week.

8. 7 Questions for the New Year.

9. The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received (and Are Willing to Pass On) on The New York Times.

10. I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. “A glimpse of the suburban grotesque, featuring Russian mobsters, Fox News rage addicts, a caged man in a sex dungeon, and Dick Cheney.”

11. 20 Tiny Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Make Life Simpler in 2020.

12. Hand-Stitched Flowers and Landscapes Revitalize Found Photographs by Artist Han Cao.

13. Ilana Glazer Strikes Out On Her Own In New Stand-Up Special.

14. 1,000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned. “Here are four reasons America’s addiction treatment system is broken.”

15. Why America loves — and hates — outspoken young women. “Women like Greta Thunberg and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were leaders in the 2010s. And they were vilified for it.”

16. Civil Rights Leader Rep. John Lewis To Start Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer. May he be well.

17. How Women Are Using Knitting And Needlework As A Form Of Protest. From a year ago, but still relevant.

18. 10 Black Web Series To Put On Your Binge-Watching List For The Holidays.

19. You Can Now Download a Collection of Ancient Japanese Wave Illustrations for Free.

20. Move over, Avengers! This little girl is one incredible superhero. (video)

21. #NotAllHistorians: Some White People Are Upset That the New York Times’ 1619 Project Isn’t Centered in Whiteness.

22. Recipe I want to try: Onion Bacon Jam.

23. How a Stock Photography Project Is Confronting Fat Bias.

24. Philadelphia Man Wakes Up To Find Malnourished, Stray Dog In His Home After Accidentally Leaving His Front Door Open.

25. Calories In = Calories Out is BS.

26. If You’ve Survived A Gaslighting Parent, You Won’t Love ‘A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood.’

27. Parents Give Toddler A Banana As A Prank And The Video Of Her Delighted Reaction Goes Viral.

28. The Instagram Community That’s Decolonizing Fitness.

29. Kids Retell The Christmas Nativity Story While Adults Act It Out In This Hilarious Video.

30. Bonsai Master Masahiko Kimura Creates Gravity-Defying Mini Forests.

31. It’s None Of My Business If Homeless People Use The Money I Give Them For Drugs.

32. Our Year in Poems on The New York Times.

33. Dog Is Stolen, Found 2,000 Miles Away, And Returned Via 30-Person Relay Team In Time For Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Something Good

  1. Amanda Cisco

    Holy Crap! The Mr. Rogers’s article really surprised me. I can see the writer’s point of view so clearly but it never crossed my mind (Doh!). The personal message I got from that movie that helped me was that my parent’s lack of maturity helped me become the person that I am, which is capable and practical. Through the lens of this article, I realize it would have been truly wonderful to have parents rather than be their parents. Of course, I’ve realized this before during my years of therapy (I am also a recovering overfunctioner in relationships, hence, therapy) but I was sucked into the movie. As my Australian friend would say, Lloyd’s father was a total fuckwit. I loved that movie and now I have quite a bit to think about. What does this say about me that I missed it entirely? BTW, I love these lists you create, and this one is especially juicy.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Oh, Amanda, this is a whopper: “I realize it would have been truly wonderful to have parents rather than be their parents.” And I get that you missed it. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I’ll have that advantage when I do, but so often I can miss this sort of thing — when you are gaslit repeatedly for so long, your truth and perception denied, you learn to not see it. ❤


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