Gratitude Friday

1. We finally got a Christmas tree. So far, it only has lights on it, but that’s my favorite part anyway. Also, we waited so long and bought one so late, we got it for $20 off.

2. I was on retreat last week. That’s why I didn’t post this list. It was a bit of a surprise. I hadn’t planned on going this year. I even emailed and told Susan I wasn’t going to make it. She asked if I’d like to come as a program assistant if enough people signed up, and I said yes, but hadn’t heard anything. Then I got an email on Monday asking if I still wanted to come, (the retreat started on Wednesday!) and I said yes. It’s Susan Piver’s Fearlessly Creative Writing and Meditation retreat she does every year at Shambhala Mountain Center. I’ve been the last three years at least and loved it, so I was happy to not actually miss it this time. And being a program assistant gave me a whole other perspective that was very interesting.

3. Apple pie. Eric uses a recipe that calls for apple cider and maple syryp as the sweeteners and it is delicious.

4. Eric.  I commented on the white lights our neighbors wrapped around their tree, about how much l liked them, and the next day when I came home, there were white twinkle lights on two of our trees. As my friend Justine says, I married a good one.

5. My other two boys, Sam and Ringo. They got baths today, because even though Christmas is next week and this is Colorado, it’s sunny and 60 here today and it’s probably been about six months since they had their last bath.

Bonus joy: time off from work, the awareness that when I go back to work I will only have one semester left (!), texting with my brother, wrapping Christmas presents, sitting in the living room when it’s dark out with nothing but the lights on the tree, cookies baked and delivered by our neighbors, writing with Mikalina and Chloe’, “Christmas yoga” at Red Sage Vets, sleeping in, staying up late reading, good books (I just finished All the Names They Used for God, and it was SO good), an appointment for a massage tomorrow, computer glasses, puppies.


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