Something Good

1. A Christmas Movie a Day, movie recommendations on Tumblr.

2. 5 Things I Wish Extroverts Understood About Me As An Introvert And INFJ.

3. hello december, a sweet little movie welcoming the season.

4. Weirdly, I want to try this recipe for mushroom tacos.

5. 55 Cult-Favorite Products On Amazon That Are Worthy Of Their 5-Star Ratings. Worth a look if you are struggling with gift ideas.

6. My boyfriend Roman helps his mom decorate for Christmas. (video) Seriously, I love him so much.

7. Why Is Losing A Pet Especially Hard For Introverts And Highly Sensitive People? In related news, Why We Need to Take Pet Loss Seriously.

8. Body acceptance leaders you should be following on social media, an older post from Melissa Toler that’s worth revisiting.

9. This artist replaces white men with Black women in classic works of art, and they are gorgeous. (video)

10. Most Plus-Size Women Can’t Afford Goop’s New Collection. Here’s Why.

11. Barack Obama Receives Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award At NYC Gala.

12. ‘Sesame Street’ characters are helping refugee kids cope with trauma thanks to a $100 million investment from the LEGO Foundation. (video)

13. This street was caked in a giant choco-pancake after 2,000 pounds of liquid chocolate overflowed from a factory. (video)

14. A district attorney dropped all charges against the mother whose baby was ripped from her arms by police. (video) In related news, They Grabbed Her Baby and Arrested Her. Now Jazmine Headley Is Speaking Out on The New York Times.

15. Federal Court Rules Cops Can’t Arrest You for Secretly Filming Them.

16. James Alex Fields Jr. Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Of Heather Heyer.

17. How to Support Cyntoia Brown. “Sentenced to life in prison at 16 for killing her would-be rapist, Brown is not eligible for parole until she is 67.” In related news, Black Lives Matter Asks Public to Help Demand Clemency for Cyntoia Brown.

18. These 28 Brilliant Books by Black Authors Are the Standouts in What Was a Stellar Year in Black Literature.

19. Lyft is offering $2.50 rides to grocery stores for people living in ‘food deserts’.

20 This week in People Behaving Badly People of color should be allowed to naturally be themselves without backlash – to be clear, the person making this video IS NOT behaving badly, but rather what happened to her was bad behavior (video), and Hoodlums Face Hate Crime Charges For Calling Black Woman A ‘N****r,’ Attacking Her Car At Walmart, and Conservative Christian group launches campaign against “Buddhist meditation” in public schools, and Woman Inj‌ur‌e‌s Subway Passengers During R‌aci‌st Ram‌pag‌e in NYC, and White Florida Students Made Racist Threats Against Their Black Teacher And Now They’re Facing Hate Crime Charges, and 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Dies Of Dehydration And Shock In U.S. Border Patrol Custody, and The Other Half (in which the author tries to justify her romantic relationship with a white supremacist), and Cops Called On Tennessee Nurse While On The Job Inside A Patient’s Home, and Police just attacked a black woman holding her baby because she sat on the ground after getting tired of waiting in the long line at the social services office to get daycare vouchers (video), and Priest Pulled From Funerals After Repeatedly Citing Teenager’s Suicide in ‘Pastoral Disaster’ on The New York Times.

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