Something Good

0. Karma Yoga Class: Benefits Susan G Komen. I’m teaching this yoga class next Saturday. I know most of you aren’t local, so can’t come, but I thought I’d mention it because you can still donate. Whether you want to come or just donate, here’s what to do: Go to the site. Make donation, (search term ‘Om Ananda Yoga’). Register for class. You can also search to see if a class is happening near you.

1. Write to Get Free, a six-week writing course with Melissa Toler that starts September 23. “Over 6 weeks, we’ll be writing about truth, pleasure, and body diversity. We’ll explore our own feelings about the process of unlearning. We ALL have a lot of unlearning and re-learning to do when it comes to body size and weight. I believe that writing is one of the best ways to help us get free from harmful ideas about beauty, health, and the way we’re taught to value bodies, especially in health and wellness spaces. I believe writing has the power to heal us.” I really, really, really wish I had the time to do this class.

2. Defining Myself For Myself: Why I Won’t Be Selling The #MeAndWhiteSupremacy Workbook from Layla Saad.

3. Keep Going: A guide to staying creative in chaotic times, Austin Kleon’s book, coming in April 2019. The link is to a post about the new book, but it also shares the video for the talk he gave that inspired the book.

4. Acting ICE Director attends annual media event of anti-immigrant hate group FAIR. In related news, Border Patrol Officer Suspected of Killing Four Women in Texas, and Border Patrol Supervisor Arrested In Texas, Held In ‘Serial Killing Spree’. Also, Is Trump using hurricane relief money to fund ICE? Not exactly, and Trump Administration Transferred $9.8 Million From FEMA To ICE. Go ahead and tell me again how these units are “keeping us safe.”

5. 6 Reasons Why Introverts And Pets Are Perfect For Each Other.

6. 5 Ways Meditation Enriched My Creative Career on Lion’s Roar. “Artist and film director Ivan Cash shares five ways the practice of meditation has benefitted his life, creativity, and career.”

7. Classic English Kitchen Gone Rogue on SF Girl. Our hardwood floors have been waiting to be redone for about 15 years now. Last year, we got as far as getting a bid, but didn’t go through with it, got the outside walls insulated instead. I look at the floors in this kitchen and think to myself, once again, that maybe we just sand and oil them, leave it at that. I like the clean distressed look, and it seems so much more dog friendly.

8. A Guide To Cultural Appropriation Vs. Appreciation.

9. Nearly 150 people lined up to foster dogs displaced by Hurricane Florence. (video) In related news:

Picture from An Escape from the Noise

10. Halloween is coming! (video – make sure you turn the sound on)

11. Painting a different picture of homelessness. (video)

12. Woman destroys anti-abortion argument by proving men cause 100% of unwanted pregnancies.

13. The Dark Side Of The INFJ Personality Type. Yup, I’ve got a dark side. In related news, 5 Strengths Of The Rare And Often Misunderstood INFJ Personality.

14. 2 Different Versions of Amber Guyger’s Story Appear on 2 Different Warrants Related to the Shooting of Botham Jean. In related news, Botham Shem Jean’s Killing Reveals A Deadly American Lie.

15. Revolve Releases, Then Pulls Lena Dunham-Designed “Being Fat Is Not Beautiful” Sweatshirt.

16. 10-year-old Anose has been singing all his life. (video) “But after being traumatically displaced from Myanmar, his songs are no longer the same.”

17. Joe’s Violin (2017 Academy Award nominee) (video). “In this Academy Award-nominated film, a Holocaust survivor donates his violin to a local instrument drive, changing the life of a schoolgirl from the nation’s poorest congressional district.”

18. 7 of the Best Episodes of Levar Burton Reads.

19. White Artists Need to Start Addressing White Supremacy in Their Work on LitHub.

20. Naomi Osaka Tells Ellen DeGeneres What Serena Williams Whispered To Her.

21. John Bunn was wrongfully convicted of murder as a teenager, “and exonerated after 27 years of fighting for his freedom. He says the power of reading saved him. Now, he’s building libraries in prisons.” (video)

22. Writer Perfectly Explains Why Children Of Mentally Unstable Parents Overthink Everything So Much.

23. Eric Trump: Woodward earned ‘three extra shekels’ with CNN appearance. “Want to know why it’s important for social platforms to enforce their rules regarding hate and advertisers to stop funding shows that promote bigotry? This man just used a term (making “extra shekels”) only used by Nazis on the Internet on a show seen by millions. And he’s the president’s son.”

24. These college friends have no idea that they’re about to be reunited for the first time in 3 years. (video)

25. Dwarf Pit Bull Doesn’t Look Like Anyone Else In The World. (video)

26. This man flashed his gun while blocking a group of Black students from visiting a classmate’s apartment. (video) In related news, A police officer shot and killed this man during a traffic stop (video), and video shows a white Portland woman going off on a disgusting racist rant against a woman of color. Two out of three of these people lost their jobs for their behavior. Guess which one didn’t?

27. Police Accidentally Tweet Screenshot Showing That They Monitor Anti-Racism and Anti-Police Brutality Groups.

28. Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, comes forward in the Washington Post. In related news, The case for delaying vote on Kavanaugh gets a lot more obvious.

29. The State of Things – Weight and Health from Dances with Fat.

30. This queer teacher was suspended and reassigned after parents accused her of ‘promoting her lifestyle’ in class — now she’s suing the school district. (video)

31. Sheillah, the 9 year-old Kenyan artist painting from the heart. (video)

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