Something Good

Image by Eric (and Prisma) from our morning walk

1. The Hurricane Harvey Edition: Make Light, Episode 06.

2. The Hummingbird Whisperer: A UCLA Researcher Cultivates a Community of 200 Hummingbirds Outside Her Window.

3. A Pop Quiz for White Women Who Think Black Women Should Be Nicer to Them in Conversations about Race. In related news, 10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race, and White People — We Can’t Dismantle Trump And Racism Without You, and The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy, and The First White President, (this is long, but so worth the read or listen).

4. Corona del Mar teen selected as one of the nation’s top 5 young poets.

5. We need to put an end to fatphobia in woke spaces from Melissa Toler.

6. Flying Spatulas and Holy Donuts from Jena Schwartz, because this:

And such is the reality of our world. All of the simultaneity — the very thing I felt like “my” movie was about when I was young, rushing up like high tide. Life is a crushing collision of epic normalcy and nuance and tragedy and love stories and teenagers and crickets and donuts and heroes. We are all bad guys and good guys at one time or another, and if we dare to be creative, maybe, just maybe, what we find interesting and worthy of our attention will catch the light for someone else, too. Will alter their way of seeing or being. The thing is, we often never know — and must keep going (living, creating, loving, writing, being, working, learning, giving) on faith.

7. Photographer Finds Locations Of 1960s Postcards To See How They Look Today, And The Difference Is Unbelievable.

8. Woman Witnessed Teen Tossing Firecrackers Into Gorge: “There Was a Whole Group of Kids Who Found It Funny To Do This.”

9. Surreal Book and Lamp Installations by Rune Guneriussen Illuminate Norway’s Forests.

10. House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers.

11. Stuff That Scares Black People, Ranked.

12. LANGHORNE SLIM – “Never Break”, a song he wrote the day after the election.

13. What It’s Like to Be Trapped by a Category 5 Hurricane on The New York Times.

14. Why forests and rivers are the most potent health tonic around.

15. Truth in Jest? “Louis C.K. would rather ignore those assault rumours, but at this point, he can’t just let his art do the talking.”

16. Tara Hardy – “Is Rejoice”, filmed at the LGBTQ Open Mic at the 2017 National Poetry Slam in Denver CO. (video)

17. Depression is a physical illness which could be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, scientists suggest.

18. Just a bat, eating a banana. (video)

19. Remembering Khadija Saye. The artist who tragically died in Grenfell Tower. (video)

20. Mars Candy Spends $1Billion on Climate Change. (video)

21. Recipes I want to try: Crispy Roasted Parmesan Potatoes and Thai Drunken Zucchini Noodles with Spicy Honey Chicken.

22. Art project for train passengers. (video) “The art project ‘Bewegtes Land’ transformed Germany’s Saale valley into a 30 kilometer long stage, entertaining passengers in passing trains. Some 500 residents and volunteers took part along the Jena-Naumburg route.”

23. 8 Podcasts Hosted by WOC to Make Your Commute Breeze By.

24. A Poem so that the Weight of this Country does not Crush You by Yosimar Reyes.

25. Black Lives Matter Just Won Sydney Peace Prize. It’s Time To Stop Calling It A Hate Group.

26. That Moment You Realize You’re Gay. This story is so beautiful.

27. Wisdom from Seth Godin: Common traps, worth avoiding and Toward cooperation.

28. Remember, from Patti Digh, on the anniversary of 9/11.

29. An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power (2017) – Official Trailer. So timely.

30. Google’s most-searched “how-to” questions capture all the magic and struggle of being human.

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