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Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

Geese over the Poudre River, image by Eric

1. Recipes I want to try: chicken wonton soup, and One-Pan Chicken And Veggie Meal Prep, and Buddha Bowls, and Almost 5 Ingredient Pizza Spaghetti Pie, and oat and wheat sandwich bread, and One Bowl Chocolate Cake.

2. Watch the chilling first trailer for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

3. Woman has an issue with P&G’s maxi pad products, writes hilarious letter to brand manager.

4. Sidewalk Chalk Spreads Love Outside Islamic Center.

5. Someone made a mashup of every Carpool Karaoke and it’s the joy we need in the world.

6. Try a New Year’s Revolution. “Donald J. Trump wants you on a diet.”

7. 10 Ways White Liberals Perpetuate Racism. In related news, Dear white people: Your comfort makes you bad allies, and New Year, Same White Feminism: Why Glamour’s “Women” Edition Falls Short, and #LeaveItIn2016: 5 Times White People Should’ve Known Better Last Year, and 5 of the worst whitesplaining excuses for racism. And finally, Ready to ditch white feminism? Here are 6 Black feminist concepts you need to know and how to apply them in your own life.

8. Standing Rock – Update and Current Call to Action.

9. F1 to F12: here’s how the function keys on your keyboard can save you tons of time.

10. The Anti-Inauguration. “You need to augment your outrage with actions that are affirming, behaviors that reinforce principles and values.”

11. Men Everywhere, Telling Women To Smile Is Creepy AF, So Just STOP.

12. ‘Brown Girls’ is about to become your new favorite web series, and for very good reason.

13. Duncan, Kim, & cats need new home.

14. 10 Indigenous and Environmental Struggles You Can Support in 2017.

15. Take It From A German: Americans Are Too Timid In Confronting Hate. And in related news, KING: We’re not opposing Donald Trump with the unified fierceness he deserves and ‘A lie, is a lie, is a lie’: Dan Rather shreds WSJ editor for reluctance to call out Trump’s bullsh*t.

16. Confronting Whiteness: A Conversation Series with Rachel Rice.

17. Feeding hundreds of homeless people each day, this restaurant is using its earnings to make a huge impact.

18. After Bravely Calling Attention to Police Brutality, Colin Kaepernick Chosen for 49ers’ Highest Honor. He also recently donated $50,000 to the Standing Rock Health Clinic as part of his pledge to donate $1 million in ten months.

19. Ask a Literary Lady: I Need a Better New Year’s Resolution Than “Read More.”

20. Add My Name to the Professor Watchlist. “The Professor Watchlist, which purports to expose faculty who ‘advance leftist propaganda in the classroom,’ poses a clear threat to academic freedom. Such lists have been used to harass and intimidate faculty, and have a chilling effect on academic freedom and free speech. To support those who have been listed, we invite AAUP members and supporters to add your names to an open letter to the creators of the Watchlist. Please add your name to this important fight for academic freedom.”

21. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön, “Joy has to do with seeing how big, how completely unobstructed, and how precious things are. We can get so caught up in our own personal pain or worries that we don’t notice that the wind has come up or that somebody has put flowers on the dining room table or that when we walked out in the morning, the flags weren’t up, and that when we came back, they were flying.”

22. Anis Mojgani, “a gale force talent, a twirling dervish of lyric & the body’s music, a poet who gleefully spurns the boundaries of poet.”

23. While There is Despair, I Am Not Hopeless, “An interview with writer and activist adrienne maree brown about self care, action and how the late, great Octavia Butler predicted this political moment.”

24. Ridiculous Responses To Quitting Dieting from Dances with Fat.

25. An unprecedented opportunity, an interview with Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams is an ordained Zen Buddhist priest, spiritual maverick, author, activist, and founder of CXC (Center for Transformative Change), in Berkeley, California, which is dedicated to “changing the way change is done.” Rather than encourage spiritual seekers to become more politically active, CXC supports social activists in becoming more spiritual. Rev. angel believes this is the only way we will “flip the switch” in people’s hearts so that we treat each other and the Earth more compassionately. She sees this as America’s “next great social movement: the application of inner awareness practice to broad-based social change.”

26. Leslie Jones Says Publisher Spreads Hate by Publishing Milo Yiannopoulos’s Book.

27. Student creates Adidas commercial so amazing it deserves to be a real ad.

28. Opportunities for White People in the Fight for Racial Justice. “Moving from Actor –> Ally –> Accomplice.” In related news, Resistance and Liberation: a Guide to Social Engagement in the Era of Trump.

29. The Trump Team. “The following are SPLC articles, statements and reports about several of President-elect Donald Trump’s choices for Cabinet posts and advisory positions.”

30. Dear Trump Supporters™: You’ve Been Had.

31. How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News.

32. 3 ways to become a strong, confident, and consistent writer.

33. I Don’t Know What’s Best for You on Be More With Less. “Use the information you find on the internet, in books and courses, on this site, and anywhere else as pieces of the puzzle, but not as the end all be all. It’s not. No one knows what’s best for you but you.”

34. Pema Chödrön on how to enjoy life.

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