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Gratitude Friday

Poudre Trail Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Poudre Trail Charlie Brown Christmas tree

1. Christmas. It was quiet and sweet this year, just the way I like it. On Christmas morning, Eric walked the dogs while I slept in and when they got back, we opened presents. Then we were hungry so we made pancakes for breakfast. I showered, but as soon as I finished, I put my pajamas right back on and cuddled up on the couch, read and watched some TV. Later we all took a nap. After that, we cooked and ate a Christmas dinner, nothing too fancy. It was a very relaxing day. I’m still so in love with our tree, but Eric warned me the other day that it had stopped drinking water, so we won’t have it too much longer.


2. Bonus Christmas. People try so hard to ship things so they’ll get here for Christmas day, but what they don’t realize is that late packages are one of my favorite things. Just when you think it’s all over, another bonus Christmas arrives.

goattree3. Morning walks with Eric and the dogs. This is a special time of year because Eric and I both have some time off work, so get to take long walks together in the morning, one of my favorite things.


4. My tiny family. As much as I might miss the rest of my larger family this time of year, I’m pretty happy being alone with these three dudes.


5. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam. Today is the anniversary of the day we met Ringo for the first time, three years ago. He wasn’t promised to us yet, but I knew he was our boy. I’m still so happy about how well Sam’s visit to the vet went, that he’s totally healthy and he was so well behaved while there.

samprofile samandringoeaglesnest ringoblue02 samandringosnow

Bonus joy: apple pie oatmeal, dark chocolate covered graham cracker’s from The Vermont Country Store, clementines, pot pie, roasted sweet potatoes, Skyping with a kindred, Christmas Eve with good friends, taking care of some things that had lingered on my to-do list, napping, good TV, really relaxing and resting, clean laundry, soaking in a warm bath, my computer glasses, being able to pay all my bills, time home alone with no agenda.

Three Truths and One Wish


1. Truth: I’m grateful for Sam’s health. He has a lump on his side, and today we found out it’s a benign fatty tumor (a lipoma), not cancer. If you know our experience with dogs and cancer, you know that this is a mini Christmas miracle.

2. Truth: I had ambitious plans for today. Well, what I really mean is I meant to go to the gym. However, after meditating, writing, putting away laundry, going on a two hour walk, showering, and taking Sam to the vet, after worrying what the news would be for the past week, I came home and took a long nap instead. I was so tired, relieved but tired.

3. Truth: One of my aunts died yesterday. We knew it was coming. She knew it was coming. It was her second time with cancer and treatments had stopped working a while ago. She hadn’t spoken or been awake for the past week at least. She told my mom she’d make it until Christmas, but I’m sure when she said that, she’d planned on celebrating the day. She didn’t have the easiest life, spent a lot of it confused, and cancer is never easy, but she was surrounded and cared for by people who loved her (always, not just at the end), which is so much more than many people get.

One wish: While we are here, may we care for ourselves and be cared for by others, and when we go, may our death be easy.