Daily Archives: January 13, 2017

Gratitude Friday


1. Practice. I’m not sure how I would still be sane, still even be here without it.

2. Really good classes and training. And maybe even more than that, the people who already know the important stuff and are willing to make the time and effort to teach it to the rest of us dummies.

3. Being able to get enough rest, even if it means other stuff doesn’t get done.

4. Eric, who once again is having to take over dog walking duty because of a combination of weird in my left leg (tendonitis and an achy knee) that has me needing a break, needing help. Maybe, kind and gentle reader, you could send me some healing energy so I can “get back on the road”? I’d be so grateful if you did.

5. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam. They were so good for me on Wednesday when even though it was later in the afternoon than they normally would, they took an hour and a half nap with me because I really needed it. And the day before, when 1.5 miles into our 4 mile walk, I started limping and needed to go slow, they stayed with me. And as an added bonus, there was that day Ringo found a frisbee in the snow in the backyard and played and played and played.



Bonus joy: dry needling that helped my tight calves calm down and the physical therapist who is so good at what she does, Eric’s good health and heart that allows him to take over walking the dogs when I can’t help, the yummy dinners he’s been cooking, watching old seasons of Amazing Race with him, a good laptop, snow tires, my “new” car that isn’t actually new anymore, clean sheets.