Gratitude Friday


1. All the veterans. Those who served, the ones who left their family and friends and homes and put themselves at risk in order to keep us safe. Those who never came home. Those who came home broken. Those we have forgotten. Those we have failed.

2. Kitchen counter love notes. This one from the other day is super fancy.


3. Morning walks with the dogs. It’s been light enough because of Daylight Savings Time that we can even stop at the Little Dog Park and play a bit.


4. My “new” bathroom. It’s officially one year old, but it still feels new. Flowers in the bathroom are also one of my favorite things.


Before and After.

Before and After.

5. My boys. Ringo’s coat made of stars. Sleeping in with Sam.

coatmadeofstars02 sweetsamlounging

6. Fall berries. No really, I think these are actually the last ones.


Bonus joy: Clean laundry, a warm shower, a cold glass of clean water, the internet, friends near and far, a good therapist, having support and love even when things seem so upside down, good books, good TV, emergency services (seriously, I saw an ambulance the other day and it made me cry to think about how sane and compassionate we can be).

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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