Gratitude Friday


1. Fall color. The sky. The leaves — this week it’s the cottonwoods turning golden.

falltrail02 morningfallcottonwoods

2. Morning walks with the dogs. It’s so dark when we leave, and for most of the walk, the stars are still out and I have to leave my headlamp on almost the whole time. I saw an owl the other morning, which you have to be out pretty early to manage. For about the last half hour, the sun is rising behind us, so I spend a lot of time stopping to turn around and look.

morningdarkwalk morningblackriver

3. Eric. Because, apple pie oatmeal and kitchen counter love notes.


kitchencounterlovenote06 kitchencounterlovenote05

4. Sam and Ringo. Playing, lounging, making me laugh.

playingfall whatmom

5. Good people. Ones who write with me, cry with me, listen, go on dates with me, send surprises, give gifts and hugs, make me laugh, care, let the world break their heart, don’t give up, don’t lose their sense of humor, keep trying to make things better.


Bonus joy: sleeping in with Sam, how good it feels to stretch, eating warm soup on a cold day, insurance for cars and bodies, sleepy dogs, clean laundry, clean sheets, my new car, flower bulbs, writing, good books, good tv, people willing to take a risk to do the right thing, the privilege and responsibility of voting, getting good feedback when I do good work.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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