Daily Archives: October 7, 2016

Gratitude Friday

Aspens at Lady Moon Meadow

Aspens at Lady Moon Meadow

1. Fall. The color, the cooler weather, the shift from ice cream to soup, from bare feet to wool socks.

2. Ringo and Sam. How good they’ve been playing together, how cute they are when they help me take a shower, how sweet it is to take a nap with them, how much they love to go on a walk, how much Ringo likes going to training classes and Sam likes sleeping in.




How does such a big dude curl up so tiny?

How does such a big dude curl up so tiny?

3. Being a teacher and being a student. I’ve been subbing a lot of yoga lately, one of my favorite groups of people. I also started meditation instructor training with the Open Heart Project and continue Wild Writing. In both my yoga and Wild Writing this week there was the surprise of old friends dropping in, and it was so good to see them, practice with them.

Twin baby deer, camouflaged

Twin baby deer, camouflaged so well the dogs didn’t even see them

4. Early morning walks. This past week we saw the twins, their mama nowhere in sight. I heard two owls at the top of a narrowleaf cottonwood tree talking to each other, but no matter how long I looked, I couldn’t see them. And the mornings have been so dark because of the change of season that when we first start, the stars are still out.

5. My tiny family. I feel equally like I totally deserve them AND it’s pure luck.


Bonus joy: working on writing projects about people who are both interesting and goodhearted, the last of the watermelon, roasted vegetables, the last of the tomato gratin (*sob*), sleeping in, my foot flaring up for half a day but then calming back down, a plan for dealing with what’s hard, Eric surprise washing my car and weeding the front flowerbed when I told him my to-do list, a special breakfast and massage scheduled for tomorrow, good tv, good books, a long soak in a hot tub, the weekend.