Monthly Archives: September 2016

Gratitude Friday

coloradosky021. Colorado sky, especially the sunrises and sunsets.

2. Colorado in fall, especially the aspens when then turn gold. Hopefully this weekend we are going to drive around and get some pictures, see some fall.


Image by Eric, Pingree Park


I mean, seriously, right?! Image by Eric, Pingree Park


Image by Eric, Pingree Park

3. Sam and Ringo. I love them so much, and while sometimes that is so hard, it’s worth it.

ringofall02 ringotennisball samloungingyard


4. Wild Writing. The class I take with Laurie and the other women that write with us is/are magic, and the one I led with meditation in between the writing sessions in my living room with two of my best friends last weekend was medicine.

5. Prisma. I don’t play with this app as much as Eric, but it’s pretty fun, and it really shows off Ringo’s coat made of stars.

prismaringo prismasamBonus joy: being able to work from home, paid sick days, pay day, a whole weekend with no real plans, signing up for Susan Piver’s Fearlessly Creative retreat, a watermelon ripe enough to share, soaking in a hot bath, teaching yoga and feeling calm and like I know what I’m doing, a hot cup of tea, clean pjs, clean sheets, napping with the dogs, when Eric gets home from work, tomato gratin with tomatoes and basil and onion from our garden, pizza with fresh pineapple and leftover bbq and basil from the garden for toppings, our garden even as it fades, the cooler weather even as it fades our garden, the amazing sunrise this morning that set the sky on fire, paying bills, my new car, my new bathroom which almost a year later probably doesn’t count as new anymore, fresh flowers in the bathroom, a good pair of jeans.

Three Truths and One Wish


1. Truth: Right now it’s hard to talk about what’s true. People ask me how I’m doing, and it’s just easier to say “good” or “fine.” I’m trying to figure it out, trying to navigate rough terrain, and it doesn’t feel like something I want to make public — if I ever do. In fact, if I haven’t already talked to you about it, please don’t ask.

2. Truth: Trying to find the root of my suffering has been difficult. There are so many things layered on top of the point of origin that need to be dug up and untangled. Each new discovery has the potential to confuse and distract me from the real source.

3. Truth: Sometimes telling the truth is hard because you know someone else is going to immediately try to deny it or downplay it. There are so many ways this is manifesting in my life — personal, professional, and public. I spend a lot of time lately weighing the value of speaking out against the harm of staying silent.

One wish: That we keep digging, keep trying, don’t give up, and know that we have the right to say “this is mine.”