Daily Archives: September 8, 2016

Three Truths and One Wish

image from Unsplash, by Chris Ensey

image from Unsplash, by Chris Ensey

1. Truth: Yesterday was my two year anniversary of becoming a yoga teacher. I sent an email to all the people I trained with and then posted a message my teachers would see, marking the anniversary and sending my gratitude and love. As I told them, just like yoga isn’t just about asana (the physical poses), teacher training is about so much more than learning to teach yoga.

2. Truth: I’m not sure where I’m going with my teaching, or even my practice. I gave up my regular class because we were gone over the summer and I haven’t felt inspired to try and get another on my schedule. I’m subbing some classes in the near future, but other than that I’m not teaching much. In fact, I haven’t been practicing much, at least not in a traditional way — going to a class, or getting out my mat and props and doing a full practice at home. Something is gestating, shifting around yoga for me, and I’m allowing it to happen.

3. Truth: Practice is always evolving. While I may not be doing much yoga, I’m practicing meditation and chanting like my hair is on fire. In a few weeks, I’ll start the certification process for meditation instruction through the Open Heart Project. I feel a shift around my writing too, as I enter into what feels like a season of both truth and healing. And my practice of dog has always felt like that old game, “the floor is hot lava.” And even when I get training to teach something I practice, it only reveals to me how little I know.

One wish: May our practice help us to navigate change, transform our confusion into wisdom, and liberate us from suffering.