Gratitude Friday


1. Fall color. Everything is starting to turn, as the weather gets cooler and the days shorter. There’s even a rumor that it’s going to snow in the foothills tomorrow night. I’m going to miss, miss, miss my garden, but fall in Colorado is my favorite season.

From our walk the other morning

From our walk Thursday morning

2. Walking with the dogs. I am flooded with gratitude that my foot is better and a five mile walk doesn’t hurt, and that the dogs are doing so much better together.

Little dog park at sunrise

Little dog park at sunrise

3. Ringo Blue and Sweet Sam playing. The tension of the summer has melted and they are back to playing, playing, playing. I know they’ll never love each other like Obi and Dexter did, but I’m so happy they can be friends.


Pinegree Park, image by Eric


I take a bath, they take a nap

4. Eric. The flowers he bought me, the dinner he made, the tub he cleaned, how hard he made me laugh.

5. Class with good-hearted, creative, smart, funny women. Yoga and wild writing. I don’t have time for any of it, but I make time because some weeks it saves my life.

Bonus joy: a clean glass of cold water, going to the grocery store and knowing I can buy and eat anything I want, clean sheets, the way Ringo nudged my hand with his nose when he came in from outside like the sweetest high five, the last of the summer peaches, clean laundry, a clean car, a good therapist, good books, good TV, good music, good podcasts, spicy oven roasted tacos, garlic bread, hot tea, the softest pjs, how much Ringo loves training, how much Sam loves sleeping in.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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