Gratitude Friday


1. A beautiful wedding. I’m so glad I got to be a part of it, that I didn’t mess anything up.

2. Three day weekend. It felt really good to get things done AND get to rest.

3. Clarity. It can be scary to face the truth about what you want and how things aren’t working, even more terrifying to talk to other people about it and then attempt to do something about it, but it’s way better than confusion.

4. Ringo and Sam. Their training is going good, and they’ve gotten back into the habit of playing together once or twice a day so I feel confident that the chaos of this summer didn’t do any permanent damage.

5. Eric. Even though we’ve both lost our minds a little this week and some things are just hard, there’s still no one I’d rather go crazy with.

Bonus joy: Ringo helping me meditate, Sam sleeping in with me, Wild Writing class, paid sick days, good TV, good books, a date with two of my favorite people, learning new things, a clear next step, the physical therapy for my hip and back actually working, breakfast with a friend who gets it, tomato gratin, clean water, clean sheets, strawberries from my garden in my yogurt.


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