Gratitude Friday (a day late)

beachsign1. Long walks on the beach. We’ve figured out this past week by walking various stretches of beach that there is about 13 miles (one way) of walkable beach in our direct vicinity, and that except for the Alsea Bay inlet which you only would be able to maybe cross during an extremely low tide and maybe not even then, you could walk all the way from Seal Rock to Yachats. And, in the other direction, from Brian Booth State Park you could walk all the way to South Beach State Park, another six miles (one way). It’s been fun walking it all and figuring it out with our feet.

ericringocliff creepycliffbeachhouse

lostcreek yachatsbeach tillicumbeach southbeach southbeachsurfer beach wavesandgull mirrorbeach

2. Another strawberry pie. Yum.

strawberrypie3. Spending time with family and friends. Dinner and a walk on the beach at sunset, lunch and cards, movie days.

nyebeachsunset 4. My tiny family. Anywhere can be home, as long as they are with me.

ericringocuddle samandringohiking

5. When the worst doesn’t happen. Even though someday it will.

Bonus joy: warm clam chowder, hush puppies with crab, a long nap, permission to watch tv all day if I want, good weather for our walks, a washer and dryer, the Newport Farmer’s Market, mostly reliable wi-fi, my new car, being able to manage my anxiety, meditation, stretching, a bed that isn’t horrible, whole clove garlic bread, clif bars, remembering how to play cards and how fun it can be, not needing to check my phone all the time, relief from guilt, clean water, a warm shower.

1 thought on “Gratitude Friday (a day late)

  1. Mary Montanye

    I wonder if there is anywhere else in the country where one can walk so far on a beach. I’d be surprised if there is. So glad you’re enjoying your time here, Jill.


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