Gratitude Friday


1. Peony season in my garden. I’m so glad they opened before we left, and there were so many this year! I put in two more plants because they do so well and I love them so much. The pale pink with the butter yellow center in the picture above is one of the new ones.


2. In related news, flowers in the bathroom. There’s something so decedent about this, and I love it even more when they are from my own garden. These smell so good.

Some new flowers I put in this week.

Some new flowers I put in this week.

3. Our garden all in and as cleaned up as it’s going to get. It’s been four years of working on the front garden and it’s really starting to fill in.


4. Strawberries from our garden. This makes me so happy, even though right now there are only a ripe handful a day. I heard a rumor that the season in Oregon may have been ruined by a recent heatwave, so at least we got some before we went.


5. My tiny family. I can’t wait to walk on the beach with them.


Sam’s new harness


Sleepy boy

"Can I haz some?" (notice the hamburger on the counter ready to grill -- and yes, he got some)

“Can I haz some?” (notice the hamburger on the counter ready to grill — and yes, he got some)


Ringo Suave, coat made of stars

Bonus joy: getting to see friends and share food and a laugh before we head out, cooking, strawberries freshly picked and still warm from the sun, homemade pizza, the promise of peach pie, ice cream sandwiches, cold clean water, a new physical therapist so sure she can correct a 30 year imbalance, new seat covers for the car, naps, clean sheets, a shower.

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