Daily Archives: June 17, 2016

Gratitude Friday


1. A safe, relatively easy trip from Colorado to Oregon. There was some minor chaos, but that’s to be expected when traveling with two dogs, one of which is Ringo.

Somewhere in central Oregon

Somewhere in central Oregon

2. Cooler weather for the road trip. There have been times we’ve made this drive when it was 90-100 degrees and we had two dogs in the car, and that’s not fun at all, for anyone. This time it was cool enough they were comfortable in the car, and we got to stop and walk around a lot because it was cool enough outside.


3. My peonies, which were still blooming and producing when we left, were so gorgeous this year.

4. My tiny family. Oh how I love my three boys, and the chance to spend more time with them in this beautiful place.

sambeachcouching boysonbeach boysrunningonbeach camoringo beachsam beachcouchingringo5. Waldport. It really is one of my favorite places on the planet.

From our walk this morning

From our walk this morning

Bonus joy: maple bars, a hot shower, getting here and getting unpacked, sunshine on a day it was supposed to rain, bay shrimp, clean water, a remodeled rental house, visiting with relatives, my new car, quiet, the sound of the real ocean when I’m falling asleep at night, the cool breeze coming in the window over my head, how happy this place makes Eric, that the dogs totally remembered this place and relaxed into it right away, the proximity of everything we need, a new book from Tig Notaro on my Kindle just waiting for me to read it, marionberry jam (I bought it at the grocery store just like it was a regular old jam!), how quiet it is here, the familiarity of this place, Sam trying so hard not to freak out about seagulls, Ringo so sleepy and sweet, a bed that is smaller than our own but still works, a washer and dryer so I can pack light, wi-fi, our not so new cellphones with cameras so good I didn’t have to bring another camera on this trip, a good friend I can trust watering and caring for our garden, three Farmer’s Markets, being able to stay connected even when I’m away.