Daily Archives: June 8, 2016

Three Truths and One Wish

From my garden

From my garden

1. Truth: We are busy getting ready to leave for Oregon. We compressed two months worth of gardening in to two weeks, got seat covers and a cartop carrier for the new car, the dogs have been to the vet and are all up to date and checked out, we got service done on the new car even though it is brand new (just to be sure), all our reservations are made and paid, and we are working our way though a list of other things that need done before we go. We are so lucky to have a friend who is happy to live here, have a whole house to himself with a/c and a big TV for his own tiny vacation, so we don’t have to worry while we are away, and can have a garden even though we’ll be gone.

2. Truth: We are traveling to one of our favorite places. The central Oregon Coast, more specifically Waldport, Oregon. This is I think our 7th trip there as a tiny family, at least the fifth time we’ve stayed in this one particular house. The first time our first dog Obi was only 4.5 months old. I am looking forward to this trip being a bit easier, since Ringo is a grown up boy now, (he was still a baby last time).

3. Truth: My heart has two geographical homes. One is here in Colorado, and the other is in Oregon. I grew up there, and even though I don’t miss the nine months of rain, or the mud or mold, I miss a lot of other things — the ocean, my big family, the produce, the green, the trees.

One wish: That no matter where you are spending your summer, it’s a place you love with people you love.