Daily Archives: October 16, 2015

Gratitude Friday

fallcolor021. Fall color. It was a long time coming this year.

happyofficeflowers2. Happy office plants. I had to bring them home while we were in a temporary location as they refurbished our building, and they did not thrive. They are all blooming and growing like crazy now that they are back in my CSU office.

eaglerocksam3. Sam. He’s such a goof, so particular about everything, wanting and needing things to be the same and happen at the “right” times, so sweet but also kind of unsure of himself.

ringobluewaiting4. Ringo Blue. The one thing I wished for when we got a new dog after losing Dexter was one who liked to cuddle, and lately he’s really been getting the hang of it. We took a two hour nap together the other day and it was magic.

anniversaryflowers5. Anniversary flowers. We always say we aren’t getting each other anything, but then he gets me a little something anyway.

Bonus joy: healthy dogs (I was reminded that this time last year Ringo had a horrible case of kennel cough), good books — so many good books, our Homecoming open house happening today so that it will finally be over and we can get back to the real work, Friday, time to rest, sleeping in, my foot getting better and better, clean water, just a few more tiny tomatoes.