Gratitude Friday

1. Ringo is healthy after a rough week — a gash over his eye which required a trip to the emergency vet, two staples and antibiotics; a section of leather glove that he swallowed but successfully passed. Why are puppies and toddlers so hellbent on wrecking themselves?!

2. Sam remains healthy. Now we get to start weaning him off the pain medication he was on because we thought it was a nerve issue.

3. I am sane, things are making more sense, I’m calmer and better able to cope. Thank goodness for practice and a really good therapist.

4. My new responsibilities at CSU. I’m the Communications Coordinator, and as such I get to work with amazing interns, edit and create content for Facebook, our blog, and our website. It’s a really nice convergence of what I’m good at, like to do, and what other people need.

5. We are going to the beach, for sure. We’d been putting off committing completely to the trip when we didn’t know what was wrong with Sam and weren’t sure if Ringo would be mature enough, but we’ve decided and are locked in.

6. The semester is almost over, which means summer vacation is almost here. I might like my job most of the time, but I like vacation, my life better.

7. Ringo seems to have settled into a predictable schedule, which gives us a little more freedom. He’s growing up, even though he still has to be watched constantly because he’s teething and wants to eat all the things.

8. Hard but honest conversations with Eric, that we can have them, that they end with hope.

Bonus Joy: Walking along the river this morning, listening to the sound of the train, the rushing water, and the birds.

5 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Mary Montanye

    Does that mean you are coming to the Oregon Coast? Fingers crossed. When. I’m in FC for another week, then off to France, then back in FC for another month. Would love to see you either here or there.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Yes, Mary! We’ll be in Waldport mid-June to mid-July. We don’t need to wait until then, though. Contact me when you are back in FC after France — I want to hear all about it!

  2. Alane

    so glad sam & ringo are doing well and that you & eric will be taking some time away. katie belle has ripping apart her beloved toys & the ticks just love her! ugh. i do use both natural and chemical prevention on her but those nasty buggers find a way to get on her! it’s great to have different outlets like yoga practice, therapy to release the stress & pressures of life. Not sure what i do w/o mine! 🙂 May you have a happy weekend! xo


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