Daily Archives: April 11, 2014

Gratitude Friday

1. Buds on the trees, and my lilacs. I’m crazy for spring, long to stick my hands in the dirt, plant flowers and fruits and vegetables, heck I even want to pull the weeds, am dreaming about the food we’ll eat from our garden and the flowers that will bloom.

2. Daffodils. More than anything else, they mark for me that spring is really, really here. Crocuses seem like they are only teasing, because they are so often followed by snow, but the daffodils mean it.

3. Four of us. It’s just right. Three always felt like there was an empty spot, but four is full, the way it should be. When I see the four of us in shadow, it’s almost like nothing is different, even though so much changed, so much was lost — but I can have a broken heart about all that while still appreciating this.

4. Sam is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember last week I said I wasn’t outwardly celebrating yet? I am now. There’s still a chance this could flare up as soon as we stop actively treating it, or it could be chronic, but that’s so much better than what we were preparing ourselves for only a few weeks ago. Watching him and Ringo play, for as long and as much and as rowdy as they want, is one of the best things ever.

cochewing playing10 playing095. Ringo learning to lounge, to relax. He’s sort of awake but not, willing to just hang out. Totally a sign that he’s growing up.

Bonus Joys: Chocolate so rich and dark that it almost tastes like coffee. Laughing with Eric. Strawberry plants that came back from last year. Realizing there are only four weeks left of Spring Semester classes and then it’s finals week and then summer vacation!