Gratitude Friday

1. Eric laughing.

2. Guest posting. I just did one for Rachel Cole, The Way of the Bodhisattva, and there was another request in my inbox this morning from one of my favorite bloggers. Now, if I could only figure out exactly how to make a living off this writing thing.

3. How well Sam did at the vet. They were really pushing him past his limit, but he handled it.

4. The Red Table is moving, they signed a lease on a new space so are not disappearing! The only obstacle is they need funds to make the move. If you feel like pitching in a few bucks to save my favorite place to eat, hang out, you can do that through their Community Funded project. It’d be just like taking me to lunch.

5. That even though the package I sent my brother turned up trashed, (seriously — one whole side was split open, as if they’d dropped it off the back of a truck or off the side of a building), everything seems to have made it, nothing fell out.

Bonus Joy: The pictures like this that Eric texts to me when he and Sam are hiking.


he was convinced there were deer up there

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