#reverb13: Day 14

reverb13Reverb13 prompt: “What was the best decision you made in 2013? What were the results? How will you continue the good work in 2014?”

The best decision I made was to trust myself. A few of the ways that manifested were the Self-Compassion Saturday project and joining the Intuitive Eating book group facilitated by Rachel Cole. The results are that I offered something good, and I gained freedom. I will continue this good work in the new year by putting together the Self-Compassion Saturday ebook, and allowing my authentic body to emerge, trusting myself, returning to my real self, my true nature, a state of freedom.

Project Reverb prompt: “Feast | What was the best meal you had in 2013? Was it slurped standing over the kitchen counter? Was the menu written in a language you understood? Were you alone? Or at a table filled with family and friends?”

Cha-Ya, a vegetarian Japanese restaurant on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, California with Rachel. The food was amazing, fresh and so satisfying, and so was the company. Tied for fist place was Cafe Gratitude, also on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, also vegetarian, eaten with Andrea — same experience, food and company.

7 thoughts on “#reverb13: Day 14

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Frances, if you really mean that, you should sign up for Rachel’s mailing list. I know she’s doing at least one more group, starting in January. We meet by conference call, so you can do it from anywhere.


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