Gratitude Friday

1. Colorado peaches, finally in season and so tasty.

2. Seeing Sam with a puppy. We met her on our walk yesterday morning, I knew her mom so we stopped and talked. The play bow Sam did to her made me think about how great it’s going to be when we have another dog again.

3. Clarity. No one can tell me what my path is, only I can know, and I am so grateful to see mine clearly, to know when to say “no.”

4. The surprise of a rabbit on our walk one morning. Sam is convinced they are some kind of squirrel (which triggers his prey drive, his need to herd, makes him crazy), and when he sees one, he starts checking the nearby trees. The idea of a rabbit climbing a tree makes me laugh every time.

5. The magic of a heron flying over our house. We’d seen one earlier at the river, but the sight of one flying down the street we live on felt like a blessing.

Bonus Joy: Looking at pictures of Dexter we’d forgot on Eric’s ipod. In this one, he’d been playing in the hose and he’s got on his “quit taking pictures of me” grumpy face. I miss him so much, but am so grateful that I still can see his sweet face.


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