Gratitude Friday

1. Yoga Class. I hadn’t gone for a whole week (having to walk the dogs individually because of Dexter’s knee injury was messing with my schedule), and it was so nice to be back, complete with a loving arm punch from Mitch.

2. Green food. Mini cucumbers, avocado, brussel sprouts, and spinach.

3. Spring. Starting to see green and even some flowers poke their way out of the dirt, the birds are singing (oh how I missed them!), and there is more light.

4. New opportunities at my paid work, more involvement with departmental publications and the chance to work with one of my favorite people.

5. Books. When things get rough, they are a source of so much joy, comfort, wisdom, and even rest. Sometimes I wonder which is stronger, my love of writing or my love of reading–I know for sure I couldn’t choose between the two.

Bonus Joy: Another week with Dexter. His knee is doing much better, he likes physical therapy (loves all the attention), and the trick now is reminding him that he’s got to take it easy, go slow.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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