Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

Illuminate Your Heart Whispers: 30 Days of Love Prompts


One of my kind and gentle readers has put together something special, and invited me to be a part of it (and you!). Joy, of Facets of Joy, has put together a 30-day ecourse, called Illuminate Your Heart Whispers: 30 Days of Love Prompts. She explains it this way,

You will receive one love prompt per day; “a dare”–a message that invites mind to consider, and heart to open to, depth in familiar and/or contemplation of something new and unfamiliar. The intention is that as you contemplate the meaning and absorb the feeling of each message, you will be inspired to gently stretch (or boldly leap! *grin*). Each message is written by a different author–people who reflect infinite possibility, fiery spirit, bold love, pure joy. Perhaps you will discover a new voice that resonates (perhaps it will be your own!), a practice that enlivens, connections that enrich as they affirm and amplify your current beliefs and practices. Perhaps you will experience a depth and range of love beyond that which you currently know. Perhaps love will move you, when you choose to collaborate with it.

Like I always say, the answer to every question is love, and there can always be more love.

There’s an amazing list of collaborators and free gifts, and if you register today, you get the course for a discounted rate of $24! See you there? ♥