Happiness is…

This post is inspired by Tammy’s most recent post on Rowdy Kittens, Happiness is…

happiness is this, a picture from earlier this morning

Happiness is a good night’s sleep.

Happiness is a return to wellness after illness or dis-ease.

Happiness is lots of rain after the longest, driest spell.

Happiness is another day with him, with all three of them.

Happiness is a warm shower, a long nap, a good meal and a glass of cold, clean water.

Happiness is pancakes for lunch on a day when you didn’t think you’d be able to eat anything.

Happiness is sharing something meaningful and true, and having it inspire or comfort someone else.

Happiness is quiet, but sometimes it’s as loud as the biggest full body laugh or your favorite song on the radio turned way up.

Happiness is clean laundry.

Happiness is a safe place to put your truth–even better if that safe place is the gentle open heart of another.

Happiness is a cool morning, and wool socks and slippers, and a long, thick purple fleece bathrobe.

Happiness is great, awesome, feels good, but it’s not as important as love or kindness or courage.

3 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. juliafehrenbacher

    Happiness is Jill showing up as Jill—beautiful, tender, loving, open, See-er of beauty, full of courage & Real.

    Appreciating you so much, Jill, and all that makes you happy.

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