Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

Day of Rest

Today on Facebook, I joked “There’s a ‘Stop Time’ button on my oven. I’d probably use it, if it worked in the way I wanted it to. An eternal lazy sunny Spring Sunday? Yes, please!”

I wasn’t completely joking. I would like days like today to last a lot longer.

Eric and I were sitting in the backyard with the dogs, and he looked up and said, “the sky is so blue right now.”

He was right.

Later, he and the boys went inside, him because he wanted to take a nap after a long hike this morning, and them because when you’re wearing a full body fur suit it’s too hot to lounge in the sun for too long, and they also wanted to take a nap.

I grabbed my camera and went looking for signs of Spring in our backyard.

My lilacs went from tiny leaf buds just last week to full leaves, with blooms that look like fruit, some kind of grape or berry. The white one on the far right is going to once again be covered in blooms.

When I came back out to take pictures, look who followed me.

On this day of rest, I hope that you are noticing your own signs of Spring, new growth, fresh air, space, softening, a new beginning. I hope that your day has a feeling of endless ease, of time stopped, of contentment–whatever that might look like or mean for you.