Day of Rest

At the end of yoga class this morning, Aramati reminded us that the stillness and peace we felt at the end of class was something we could access at any time, it was always there. There is a place inside of us, all the time, in our core, our center, that is quiet and spacious, just waiting for us to connect with it.

Sometimes it is hard to find it. We are too busy reaching into the past, getting hooked by our emotions and thoughts, grasping and clinging, working or pushing too hard, trying to force the issue or the project, making deals and plans, rushing into the future, wishing to be anywhere but here and now.

We can drop all of that, at any time. We can let it dissolve, loosen our grasp, let it go, and sink into that still center, sink into now, rest with reality as it is, in this very moment. Rest here, stay here. Be content. Be grateful. Notice, be mindful and aware–this can happen in any moment.

Why not now? Whatever it takes to get you there, however you do that, connect to that place, that space, that quiet, that stillness, that ease, and take this moment to rest there, rest here.

1 thought on “Day of Rest

  1. Barb

    Yes, I believe in that expansive calm within us all. Sometimes, it may take much practice to rest there. Giving up the search for it sometimes makes me aware that I’ve found it.


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