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Wishcasting Wednesday

Picture from Jamie's Post

What treasures do you wish for?

Treasure: wealth, riches, something greatly valued or highly prized or precious.

Practice: My practices are yoga, meditation, reading, writing, and walking with my dogs. These things sustain me, support me on my path, help me to see, teach me lessons, and allow me to live more deeply, to understand more completely, and to let go. I wish for these things to continue to do so, as I continue to do so.

Friendship: This begins with me. I don’t typically make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I made a vow: to be a better friend to myself. I am still working on it, and as I do, I have such love and support from others who are already good friends.

Wisdom and Kindness: I know that we are born with these innate qualities, (as opposed to the idea that we are born basically bad, imperfect, and broken). Our basic goodness, our fundamental capacity for wisdom and compassion, is a precious gift, and I place my faith in it.

Self-Acceptance, Self-Care, and Self-Love: Having been in a long term abusive relationship with myself, I am working to let go of self-hate, the patterns of negative self-talk and abuse, and working to see myself as a deeply loved and valuable treasure.

Body Mindfulness: I wish to see my body as the gift that it is, to treat it as such, to feed it appropriately. It serves as a map of all my struggle, suffering, and joy, and I wish to love it. I wish to honor this vehicle, this oracle, this temple.

Time: Time to work at what I love and time to rest. Time to live, and to be aware that I am living, and to live mindfully.

Simplicity: Do less and be more, have less and share more, suffer less and love more. Simplify my schedule, quiet my mind, relax my grip, let go of my suffering, don’t bite the hook of strong emotions or thoughts, drop the story, be here now, and just breathe, just be. Trust that things are exactly as they are, and that all of it is workable.

All that I wish for myself, I also wish for you.

  • What treasures do you wish for? Go ahead, make your wish.