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Wishcasting Wednesday

Monday here at A Thousand Shades of Gray is “Something Good,” Tuesday is “Three Truths and One Wish,” and now Wednesday is “Wishcasting.” This is something I first read about on my heART Exchange art swap partner’s blog, Dryada Journals. When I followed the link to the site of origin, I realized it was Jamie Ridler, a creative living coach whose work I had already admired–just another case of synchronicity, auspicious connection, the universe saying “yes.”

Jamie started a blog devoted to wishcasting and made her first post there on February 14, 2007–Valentine’s Day. On her current website, Jamie Ridler Studios, she’s continued the practice.  She describes it this way, “What would happen if every week you made a wish? What magic might start to stir? Wishcasting Wednesday is a safe haven for wishes, a fertile field in which to plant wish seeds and have them witnessed and tended lovingly. It’s a place where magic begins. Make a Wish: Dare to dream. Every Wednesday here at Jamie Ridler Studios, there will be a wish prompt to inspire you.”

Today’s wishcast: “What do you wish to remember?”

Picture from Jamie's Post

I wish to remember my innate kindness and wisdom. I wish to remember my basic nature, the “real” me, the truth, my Self that is like the sun.  Weather comes, clouds and storms, and can make it seem like it’s gone, but it is always there, even when I can’t see it. In the same way that the sun is a universal truth, so is my basic goodness.

I wish to remember that I am enough, and I am whole. I am not a problem to be fixed, or a project to undertake. I am not broken. I am wholeheARTed. I am worthy of love, as I am. I don’t have to prove myself, be perfect, or put on a performance. I can simply be who I am.

I wish to remember to be here now, to remain present and mindful. This is where life is, this is where I can be with my breath and the steady beat of my heart. This moment is, it is perfect and it is always available.

I wish to remember that I am already awake. This is a theory I’ve heard about in my study of Buddhism–that we need not strive to become enlightened, but rather we simply need to remember that we already are, in this very moment, awake.

I wish to remember that gentleness is my superpower, (thanks to the beautiful and generous Susan Piver and her Open Heart Project for this reminder). It is through my kindness that I am strong, through my open and tender heart that I am courageous, through love that I am a warrior.

We already have everything we need. There is no need for self-improvement. All these trips that we lay on ourselves—the heavy-duty fearing that we’re bad and hoping that we’re good, the identities that we so dearly cling to, the rage, the jealousy and the addictions of all kinds—never touch our basic wealth. They are like clouds that temporarily block the sun. But all the time our warmth and brilliance are right here. This is who we really are. We are one blink of an eye away from being fully awake. ~Pema Chödrön

  • What do you wish to remember?