Daily Archives: November 18, 2011

It’s a Happy, Happy Birthday

It’s my birthday today.  I don’t mind telling you either, I am now 44 years old.  And it’s not just okay–I am completely in love with that I love that I am alive, that I was born into this precious human existence, that I am lucky to know and be loved by so many amazing people.

I am also really lucky to have a birthday on a Friday this year. There is a universal law that if your birthday is on a Friday, you get to celebrate it the whole weekend. And guess what next week is at CSU? Fall Break. I don’t get the whole week off. I have to go in Monday to catch up on some grading for my class, but campus will be quiet and slow, and I get most of the week off.

I mailed off my heART Exchange art project today to my swap partner in Belgium.  I’ll share the process and finished project here once she has it.  It was really nice to be working on a sweet, handmade art project for someone else in the days leading up to my birthday, and oddly, it felt like I was doing it for me too: pouring all this care and lovingkindness into a creation that I blessed and let go, sent into the universe to love someone else.  I think this is at the heart (the heART) of why I am an artist: to learn to love and be myself, and then send that love into the world, hoping it lands with whoever needs it most.

It always comes back to this: it’s all about the love.  All of it.  Everything.

Picture by David Sky