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Gratitude Friday


gnome door at lee martinez park, where I walk with the dogs

1. Last week of classes at Colorado State University. I am not lying when I say that I had an awesome class, a great group of students this semester, funny and smart and creative, but there comes a moment when you are done, you are ready for it to be over, and I think that moment was two weeks ago…

2. Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate. The compassion and generosity she has shown me has left me gobsmacked so many times. We haven’t yet been lucky enough to meet in person, and still she continues to extend such kindness to me. Her personal audio notes and her laugh are some of the best things ever. I am humbled by and grateful for her presence in my life, and a little unsure of how to really thank her.

3. Homemade cookies. 

4. Snow in the forecast. Not sure if it will actually happen, but I’m ready for it, and we could use it (it’s so dry). It makes everything so cozy, and will make it seem more real that Christmas is not that far away.

5. My iPod. I have really been enjoying it lately, appreciating being able to trick myself into turning off the “big computer” in the evening because I could always check my email or facebook on my iPod if I really needed to, playing silly games, apps, Instagram, being able to listen to a podcast while I put away laundry.

Bonus Joy: Yet another week with my sweet Dexter.