Daily Archives: February 26, 2023


1. Morning walks. Once again this week we had snow and morning temperatures that were below zero, so I only got to go on one walk. The rest of the days, Ringo ran with Eric and a few mornings were so cold even that wasn’t an option. The day I got to go was gorgeous. I’ve been going a bit earlier to still be able to catch the sunrise and be out before most people, to feel like we have the whole world to ourselves for a bit.

2. So many canceled plans. I felt a real need for some space this week, unscheduled time, and thought how nice it would be to “take the week off.” Then the week started and things got canceled left and right without me needing to do a thing. I really needed it and had some good rest as well as got some good work done.

3. Trying new recipes. And how easy that is with so many good recipe websites. I’m currently looking for ways to get lots of fiber and vegetables in recipes that are satisfying in all the ways. They don’t always turn out how you’d hoped, and sometimes they prove to be something you’d never make again, but I enjoy and appreciate the process. I’m grateful for the content creators who share recipes, for the internet that gives me access, and for the privilege that gives me the ability to find and pay for the ingredients and cooking utensils and appliances and electricity I need.

4. Writing. I’m trying a new approach to working on “The Book”, which is turning in to as many as five books as I make my way, and it’s really been helping. I tend to immerse myself in a project 110%, don’t take the breaks I need or pace myself and end up confused or burnt out, and I have old lingering perfectionist tendencies. It’s all or nothing. Not only does this make the process difficult, uncomfortable, and no fun, it means I’m not getting much accomplished other than beating myself up. I started offering myself some grace this past week — “you only have to write for an hour and a half and try to get 500 words, then stop and do something else, and if you can’t work on it every single day, that’s okay.” These short bursts have keep things fresh and more interesting for me, less like homework or a chore. I also keep reminding myself that I’m learning something new and that takes time and a lot of mistakes, that it’s all part of the process.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. Sitting on the couch with Eric talking about all the important things and nothing at all, watching Antiques Roadshow together, cooking together, taking care of each other, laughing at Ringo and making each other laugh. 

Bonus joy: new spices, snow days, sitting in the sauna with Eric, swimming laps at the pool, the hydromassage chair, training with Shelby and the gang, texting with Chris and Chloe’ and Mom, sharing Instagram reels with Mikalina and Shellie, meditating early in the morning, the new flannel sheets I got (so soft!), stickers, raspberries, albacore tuna, cucumbers, walnuts, salt and sugar and pepper, citrus, clean sheets, a big glass of cool clean water, a warm shower, soft towels, down pillows and blankets, a warm dog, opening all the windows for a bit to let some fresh air in even when it’s cold outside, cupcakes and muffins, gummy supplements, borrowing eBooks from the library, having lost things worth grieving, the promise of our garden, birds in the feeder, the chance to start over and begin again, listening to podcasts and audiobooks and music, flowers, trees, houseplants (seriously, the amount of effort required is so small compared to the joy they give), Insight timer, my moon lamp, poetry and poets, reading in bed while Eric and Ringo sleep.