Daily Archives: February 18, 2023


1. Morning walks. There were a lot of really cold days this week so I only did one of the walks, (when it’s too cold to walk, Eric takes Ringo on a run, but some mornings are even too cold for that).

2. Libraries. I have always loved a good library. This week I’ve been especially enjoying the audio books I can borrow from my local library. I listened to The Dutch House by Anne Patchett narrated by Tom Hanks and now I’m listening to How Y’all Doing?: Misadventures and Mischief from a Life Well Lived written and narrated by Leslie Jordan.

3. Making art with Janice and Mikalina. This week I made a valentine’s day card for Eric and a watercolor of the current state of my intestines.

4. Cancelled plans and naps. This week, I really needed both.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. I love it here and the company is the best.

Bonus joy: Baking, cooking, clean sheets, good books, my Kindle, listening to music and podcasts, my weighted blanket, clean pjs, birds in the feeder, the hydromassage chair, the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, clean water, down pillows and blankets, wool socks, a massage with Dana (who brought her dog Dani with her, my ideal massage experience, except that Dana wouldn’t let her cuddle on the table with me during our appointment), being able to take care of so many important things without ever having to talk to someone on the phone, a cup of hot green tea, gingerbread muffins, sweet potatoes, texting with Chloe’ and Mom and Chris, having no car payment, stickers, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.