1. Morning walks. We’ve been walking later, with me lingering over my morning practices, still on a schedule that was set for a 7:30 am sunrise. Now that the light is changing, I’m recommitting to getting up and out earlier in the following weeks so we can be on the trail when the sun rises. This week, there was lots of sun, a heron and an osprey and another kind of hawk hunting for breakfast, many sticks to carry, and a woman who saw Ringo and said, “hello, precious.”

2. Practicing in community. Making art with Calyx and Janice, Wild Writing with Laurie and the Friday morning group, using my Insight Timer app and seeing friends who are meditating “with” me, and the upcoming retreat Calyx and I are planning for ourselves.

3. Therapy. I typically find a new therapist when I’m in crisis and once that passes, I quit. This means that the deeper work doesn’t get done and the next crisis is inevitable. This time around I’m trying something new, staying soft and showing up when I’m not so shook up, when I’m stable enough to have the capacity to go deeper, face the things that are more complicated and more confusing, the beliefs and habits that are sticky and old. Trust me, acting as if “everything’s fine now” is a lot easier, but I’m shooting for a more sustainable and lasting ease. AND absolutely I’m aware of what a privilege this choice is, to have the necessary help available and affordable.

4. Yard time. Sitting out in the backyard in the sun while Ringo lies on the green grass, both of us not really doing anything at all. It’s even better if Eric is there too.

5. My tiny family, tiny home, tiny life. These are the days I always dreamed of, the life I always wanted.

Bonus joy: old style potato chips, purple cabbage, lime, good neighbors (and the “bad” ones moving out), other people’s dogs, one hybrid and one electric car and only one car payment, purple, paint, green soft new grass, a full moon, other people’s babies, books, house plants, that corner of the couch, good TV, listening to podcasts, tortillas, lemon flavored yogurt dipped almonds, caramel, texting with Mom and Chris and Chloe’, the hydromassage chair, my gym community, a warm shower and soft towel, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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