Gratitude Friday

Please note: this post has A LOT of pictures. 🙂

1. Home. Our vacation in Oregon was so good, but being home, coming back to our tiny house and garden/yard and our own bed is nice too.

2. Oregon. Colorado is home now, but Oregon was home for so long and home to so much I love — in particular family, all the trees, and the ocean.

3. Pie and donuts. I’m realizing that I actually prefer salty when it comes to snacks, but oh how I love dessert too.

4. Practice. Sitting in front of the picture windows at the beach and meditating facing the ocean was lovely. Ringo even tried to help.

5. My tiny family. This trip was so much better because of them, and so is the coming and being home.

Bonus joy: getting back in the pool, morning walks, a/c, cucumbers from our garden, that this year Eric noticed the blister beetles before they ate our whole clematis bush, daisies, being able to spend time with Calyx and Marshall in person, fish and chips at Luna Sea, pancakes at LeRoys Blue Whale, the sound of the waves, gummy vitamins, toast, grilled cheese, my masseuse, yoga with Jamie, being able to hug my friends and family.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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