Daily Archives: July 5, 2021

Something Good

1. Wisdom from Pema Chödrön: “Meditation is about seeing clearly the body that we have, the mind that we have, the domestic situation that we have, the job that we have, and the people who are in our lives. It’s about seeing how we react to all these things. It’s seeing our emotions and thoughts just as they are right now, in this very moment, in this very room, on this very seat. It’s about not trying to make them go away, not trying to become better than we are, but just seeing clearly with precision and gentleness.”

2. Take something ordinary and elevate it from gapingvoid culture design group.

3. Two ways to challenge the status quo from Seth Godin. Other good stuff from Seth: Lines and curves, and From/to, and Non-machinable surcharge, and What do other people deserve?, and Five useful questions.

4. Three books I’m really excited for: You Better Be Lightning by Andrea Gibson, and Wonder Seeker: 52 Ways to Wake Up Your Creativity and Find Your Joy by Andrea Scher, and The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change Without Losing Your Joy by Karen Walrond. I’ve preordered all three.

5. Good stuff from Rita’s Notebook: Oh, hey there. It’s me again… and Dessication. Seriously, I’m almost as excited about Rita’s retirement as I was about mine.

6. Wisdom from Michelle Maldonado, who in a recent podcast describes love as “an intelligent way of being that allows us to connect with one another, that allows for wisdom to come through and to be present.”

7. Wisdom from Adriene Mishler: “Daily or regular practice cannot only help us learn how to exist and survive inside the journey of process, but it can guide us to do so in a way in which we feel like we are working for ourselves, rather than against.”

8. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: How Equanimity Powers Love, and What If This Is It?, and Discover the Joy of Doing Nothing, and Calm in the Midst of Chaos.

9. Ryan Crouser OBLITERATES shot put WORLD RECORD at Olympic trials. (video) “Reigning Olympic champion Ryan Crouser smashes Randy Barnes’ 31-year-old shot put world record by over 8 inches with a massive 23.37-meter mark at the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials.”

10. More Happiness. Less Suffering. Podcast episode with Jena Schwartz.

11. Laurie Wagner Interview with Naomi Shihab Nye. (video) Laurie says, “I was gifted 30 minutes with the poet, Naomi Shihab Nye yesterday, and she blew my mind with her lit up beauty. Because we have worked with her poems for so many years and because we have benefited from so many of them, I wanted to share her with you. I love everything about her and I hope you do too.”

12. Ten Years In The Word Mines: One Lesson from Chuck Wendig on Terrible Minds. Teaser: “Initially, my plan was, let’s revisit the career and figure out what the hell I’ve learned. Did I learn anything? Can I tell people what that thing was? After all, I’m a writer, and this is a blog. Listicles are a thing, even if they sound a little like testicles? I could do a classic return to the 25 Things series which populated this space for many, many years. But —”

13. Purposefully Purposeless: My Non-Doing Life.

14. Wisdom from Dza Kilung Rinpoche: “Naturally we enter into meditation with some interest and enthusiasm, and there are goals to be attained. But in practice we must drop these. We must avoid the distractions created by expectations and not be tempted into placing quantity—the number of sessions we do per day, the ‘higher, more esoteric’ practices we know, or how many mantras we have recited—over quality. If we get in a rush, we are introducing the stress typical of samsara. Instead, we cultivate patience. Samadhi . . . will arise naturally when we relax beyond our desires, goals, and expectations.”

15. Feeling Burnt Out? Here Are 7 Ways Experts Recommend Dealing With It.

16. Good stuff from Anne Helen Petersen: “Nobody is owed forgiveness” An interview with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg and “Part of owning my own brand also means owning my age.” 

17. Don’t Let Consumerism Co-opt the Zero-Waste Concept.

18. Wisdom from Stokely Carmichael: “In struggle one not only fights against something–injustice, oppression–but one must struggle for something equally real but positive. That’s the other part of the equation.” What are you struggling for?

19. Benji Is One Down Dog. “Adriene Mishler’s blue heeler, Benji, is one of the most famous canines in the country, but he hasn’t let it go to his sweet, soft little head.”

20. Solo Notes from the beloved Laurie Wagner. “You baked as many birthday cakes as you could.”

21. Relocate your darlings, writing advice from Austin Kleon.

22. Feel Good’s Mae Martin: ‘If you put a teenage girl in any industry, people will take advantage’. In related news, Mae Martin on “Feel Good,” Labels, and Getting Kicked Off Hinge.

23. How radical gardeners took back New York City. “Seed bombs, the ‘tree lady of Brooklyn,’ and the roots of urban gardening.”

24. Retired Woman Gives Tour Of Van She Lives In Full-Time.

25. Passion for Peonies: Generations rally for La Resolana farm. This seems somewhere I need to visit.