Gratitude Friday (on a Sunday)

From our walk this morning

1. Surprise naps, like the one I took Friday afternoon that made me forget I still hadn’t put together this post, but clearly was something I really really really needed.

Sam and Eric, from our walk this morning

2. Morning walks. Sam has gone a little over three miles the last few mornings and another mile or so in the afternoon without seeming to be too stiff or sore from it.

3. Practice. We have a three bedroom house, but the whole house is only 1088 square feet, so the third bedroom, where I practice (and do retreats, online classes, read, study, write, and sometimes sleep), is only about 8 x 9 square feet, and can feel a little tight. Even so, because I’ve been infusing that space with such good energy, so much effort and ease, for years, it feels spacious. I’m doing two yoga teacher trainings right now, soon to add a third, so I’m spending almost every weekend, all weekend in there. I’m also grateful for smart, compassionate friends who I can talk to about confusing, hard things related to practice and and teaching and being white.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. These lilies from the grocery store smell amazing.

5. My tiny family. Along with practice, they are the foundation that keeps me sane, keeps me from giving up.

Bonus joy: snow, a new roof, going to a movie with Eric, a sunny warm fall day, sleeping in, getting all the laundry done on Friday, hanging out with Mikalina, Pilates with Carrie and Ashley, swimming lessons, swimming, sitting in the sauna, aqua aerobics, HGTV, a big glass of cold clean water.


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