Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

1. Fall in Colorado. It happened WAY TOO FAST this year. One week it was still in the 90s, and the next week we had rain, gray skies, and even some snow. It’s super confusing. And yet, it is so beautiful when the colors start to change.


Image by Eric


2. The gnats are gone! We had a fruit fly infestation in the kitchen and bathrooms as summer wound to a close. It got out of hand quickly. With the turn in the weather, some deep cleaning, and traps of ripe banana and apple cider vinegar, we are no longer hosting multiple generations of tiny garbage bats. It’s weird how happy that makes me.

3. Our garden. It’s done, but before it melted completely, we got one more handful of strawberries and an army of the tiniest, roundest, orangest pumpkins.

4. Teaching and teacher training. I just wrapped up my first online session of Open Space Writing with a small group of my favorite writers. I’m concurrently doing three different yoga teacher trainings because what else are you supposed to do the last year at your “old” job before starting a new career? In a few weeks, I’ll start teaching a regular small class for two of my favorite veterinarians, and I’ve been subbing yoga classes for some of my favorite teachers as I can as well. Learning and then teaching has always been one of my most favorite things.

5. My tiny family. With Sam on restriction, sometimes Eric has Ringo out somewhere and I’m home with Sam, so we send each other selfies of where we are and what we are doing.

6. These two pictures Eric took of Ringo Blue. He’s so handsome. And for some reason this last week, he was super cuddly with me. He must have known I needed it.

Bonus joy: fresh pineapple, clean sheets, paid sick days, good TV (all my “regular” shows are back on Hulu and we just finished the last season of Great British Baking Show on Netflix), good music (Christine and The Queens has a new album out), a glass of cold clean water, chicken pot pie, my new swimming snorkel and how fast I can get to the other side of the pool with it, sitting in the sauna at the gym, sleeping in, taking naps, wool socks and down blankets.

P.S. Married 25 years to my favorite person. I can’t believe I forgot to add this to this week’s list! This picture is from our honeymoon – we hiked up to Twin Crater Lakes in the Rawah Wilderness Area and camped for two days. In this picture, we were trapped in our tent because there was a massive thunderstorm.


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