Gratitude Friday

1. My Golden Raintree is blooming. I planted her when we moved into this house almost 17 years ago. She was just a tiny twig. Now she is almost three times as tall as our house and has spawned multiple children.

2. Morning walks with Eric and the dogs. I’m on restriction right now cause my right knee is hurting me, but hopefully for only a few more days.

3. Pie season. Eric has mad skills, even cooks them on the grill so it doesn’t heat up the house too much.

4. Flowers in the bathroom. Bonus joy is these are from my favorite stall at the farmer’s market, Joan Kinney’s booth.

5. Ringo and Sam got baths, which also makes me grateful for Eric, who is so good at all the grooming and maintenance things.

Post bath: fluffy and tired

Bonus joy: Palisade Peach Noosa yogurt, aqua aerobics, getting a new furnace and our ducts cleaned (so much dog hair), yoga, how good Ringo did at his last nose work class, everyone healthy and mostly well, last minute plans to see a movie with a friend, said movie being just as good as I’d expected (The Big Sick, I highly recommend it), laughing with Eric, talking on the phone with my mom, texting, fresh peaches, cucumbers and basil from our garden, a cold glass of clean water.


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