Gratitude Friday, on a Saturday (how does this keep happening?)

The river is up four feet because of the rain and melting snow, so some of our normal route is underwater

For the third week in a row, I’m doing this post a day late. Again, it wasn’t intentional. I took a sick day Friday, because I was too optimistic about how much better I was doing and worked too hard on Wednesday so by that night I was what you’d call sick again. I got back on my cold medicine and worked part of the day on Thursday, then came home and took a two hour nap. I slept in Friday morning, walked with the dogs, did my Wild Writing class, read for a bit, went to lunch with my friend Chloe’, came home and took another two hour nap. By that time, all there was left of the day was dinner, a bit of TV with Eric, and to bed again. It’s not that I forgot it was Friday (although because Eric is on summer vacation and home, it did make it seem like a Saturday), I just forgot about this post.

The top view is from a few weeks ago, the bottom is from yesterday morning, the river four feet higher

1. Walking with the dogs in the morning. Because I was sick, I hadn’t gone on a walk in the morning for almost two weeks. It was great to get to go along yesterday.

The babies are getting much bigger

2. Flowers in the bathroom. My peonies are about to open any day now and I can’t wait.

3. Cooking and eating good food. When I was sick, I was craving biscuits, so the only thing there was to do about it was make some. As I did, I was feeling really grateful to my mom for teaching me to cook, for sharing the value of homemade with me.

4. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue. They are good company when I’m sick.

5. Eric. Especially the way he steps in and takes care of everything when I’m sick.

Bonus joy: breakfast burritos from Mugs Coffee, being able to keep my window open while I work at my CSU office, paid sick days, clean sheets, clean towels, clean water, a hot shower, clean pjs, good books (I finally started Underground Railroad), good TV (I’ve been watching Master of None this week, feeling so grateful for TV that risks presenting another perspective, does it so beautifully AND makes me laugh), laughing with Eric, strawberries from our garden, texting, Wild Writing, having the kind of friends you can swap flowers from your gardens with, my garden, how green everything is right now because of the rain, sitting in the backyard with Eric and the dogs doing nothing.



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