Daily Archives: May 29, 2017

Something Good

It’s still early, they aren’t super pretty or that sweet, but we are already getting so many berries from our garden.

1. The Gut-Wrenching Process of Befriending Ourselves, Sharon Salzberg on On Being.

2. Good stuff from Seth Godin: An overlooked secret to effectiveness (and happiness), and Facts are not the antidote for doubt, and Microcopy in the age of the glance.

3. On Crooks & Cooks: It’s Not ‘Just Food’, It’s Blood by Alexis P. Morgan. “White folx aren’t used to being held fully and vocally accountable by the people they’ve marginalized, oppressed, and actively harmed. You’re not used to having to confront the abuse and the impact of that abuse and violence head-on.” In related news, Portland Burrito Spot Shutters Amid Claims of Cultural Appropriation, and Your Own Personal Slaves.

4. 5 Truths About White Privilege for White People from John Pavlovitz.

5. This adorable father-son duo has serious moves. (Video) Check out their Instagram account — so cute!

6. Creative Superheroes Podcast #12: Listening to our hungers with Rachel Cole, a great conversation between two of my favorite people.

7. More advice for the recent graduate from Austin Kleon, which is really just good advice for any moment of your life.

8. On Geneen Roth, Sugar, “Do No Harm”, Unicorns and Healing from Be Nourished. Because this, “If you find yourself in a challenging relationship with your food and/or your body, restriction in any form will not aid you. Restriction has never healed disordered eating, healed the dieting mind, or filled a lonely void. NEVER. It doesn’t matter if you are restricting sugar or broccoli, food restriction and dietary restraint will not help you get free. We are off target when we aim here.”

9. On Self-Employment, Workaholism and Getting My Life Back from Lisa Congdon. “I’m not telling this story because it’s at all unusual or because I think it’s in any way special. I’m telling it because the American ideal of busy-ness, success-by-hard-work, and the layer of bizarre importance we place on both social media & email — have the potential to be damaging. And I wanted to talk about how all of those things have impacted me and how I’m beginning to find freedom from them.” I needed to hear every word of this post right at this particular time. Thank you so much, Lisa.

10. You are more powerful than you realize on Superhero Life from Andrea Scher. “But really, we are so powerful and tender all at the same time. I’m holding both right now in myself, in this moment. I can feel the tears burning my eyes as I write and I feel the truth of my power as well. They are inextricably tied- the softness and the strength.”

11. Does the health & wellness community really care about health & wellness? from Melissa Toler. Yes. This. Everything about this.

12. The Only Writing Advice You’ll Ever Need from Joell Stebelton, by way of Jena Schwartz. Amen, Joell.

13. Here Today (an original song for Erin & Jeff of Victor & Penny) by Danielle Ate the Sandwich. (Video)

14. Do Your Do from Karen Walrond on Chookooloonks.

15. The Real Secret to Getting a Beach Body from Dances with Fat.

16. To all the teachers out there: Welcome to summer vacation. You earned it. (Video)

17. How We Wrestle Is Who We Are by Brian Doyle. RIP.

18. We have to stop blaming women when they get attacked by men. (Video)

19. These Are The Victims Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack. And, Surviving victim of Friday train stabbing a poet and PSU student. And, Teen Targeted In Portland Hate Attack Thanks Men Who Died Defending Her.

20. If You Think You’re Giving Students of Color a Voice, Get Over Yourself.

21. Mom Buys Poofy Wedding Gown At Thrift Store, Then Transforms It Into Beautiful Cocktail Dress. She gives me both thrifting and sewing goals. (One disclaimer: she’s very tiny so it’s easy for her to find things that are too big and tailor them down a few sizes, using the extra material for embellishments — not everyone could do that).

22. Homemade Nut Butters 4 Ways.

23. Self-Care Tips from Yoko Ono on The New Yorker. She’s so weird. I love this. It would make a great writing prompt.

24. Food Psych #106: How to Stop Pursuing Weight Loss with Ijeoma Oluo. This is a podcast I want to listen to more, and this is a great place to start.