Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks with the dogs. This week I was back on our regular schedule of solo walks two mornings of the week. I am not back up to 5 miles just yet, but I’m getting there. I especially appreciated the light this week, since Daylight Savings time this weekend is going to steal an hour, plunging us back into the dark for just a bit longer.

2. Signs of spring. Crocuses are popping up around town and things are starting to turn a tiny bit green around the edges. I got so excited the other day because I remembered I planted daffodil bulbs in the fall. Fingers crossed that some of them come up.

3. Chat dates with people I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.

4. The sweetest little plant from a work colleague. I’d helped her with some computer stuff so she brought me a purple shamrock. I looked up how to care for it and learned one of its common names is Love Plant.

5. Golden years with the dogs. Especially when you have two dogs of varying ages, there’s a thing I refer to as the “golden years.” This is an all too brief moment of time when no one is a baby and no one is dying. Add to that the precious moments where no one is sick or injured, and you get this minute of time where you simply get to enjoy each other’s company. It didn’t last very long with my first two pairings of dogs, so with this third one, I’m reminding myself to savor it.

Bonus joy: bran muffins with dried raspberries, sour cherry juice, being caught up on the laundry, sunshine, good books, naps, having enough money, good health insurance, subbing for one of my favorite yoga classes, my Bluetooth speaker, a clean car, clean sheets, dark chocolate with salted caramel, flowers, the promise of another garden, roasted sweet potatoes, all the good dinners Eric has been cooking, the internet and a good connection.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Teri D

    Hi Jill, First of all I want to say that I love that you take real photos in real time journaling the actual life in the moment that you experience and that you write a small thought or two about what that photo means to you. I lived in CO from 1996-2009. I so much enjoy watching the seasons change on your blog. I live in on the gulf coast of TX now which is completely different.
    In 2004, I went through the process of knee surgery to replace ACL and repair a meniscus tear after twisting my knee playing racquetball which was a dear passion of mine. Although the surgeon assured me that it was a one week recovery, that was not quite so accurate. It has been the most physical pain that I have ever endured. But the pain (level 9 out of 10) does end! I assure you! The ACL is holding to support me. I have minor flair ups with the meniscus from time to time from over working the knee. (level pain 2-3 days or 5-6 if I dance). I no longer run, skip, or jump. But walking is good to keep muscle strength in my legs.
    I am wondering why your goal is 5 miles on one outing? I guess that might take an hour and a half. I am wondering if perhaps 30-40 minute 2-3 times a week might work with strength for the muscles. It might also balance energy and body work allowing yourself to lighten your feelings about trying to do too much.
    It seems to me that you are doing a little of this and a little that finding your way to what is most important to you in your current chapter of life. For me that is ideal as well as minimizing consumption which simply leads to time, energy, and financial expense to maintain it all.
    I want you to know that you are loved, appreciated, and a good hearted person. 😇

    1. Teri D

      PS: Please do not misinterpret my question of “Why 5 miles as your goal?” which may be absolutely the perfect amount for you. Perhaps, the answer is allowing yourself to say yes to more time in nature revitalizing your spirits and/or more time interacting gifts of love with your family dogs recharging your soul. It is all very personal and really no right or no wrong answers. There is always the balancing and rebalancing as life is ever changing, unfolding in its natural way, little by little, until it is. Much similar, it is to the changing of seasons and years of growing and becoming anew of who we are. 🌷

    2. jillsalahub Post author

      Teri, I’m guessing from this comment you think my knee issue and surgery were related. Actually, they were two completely separate things. I start physical therapy to help with my knees on Friday, and all of it can be traced back to an old injury — I fell off a horse when I was 18, cracked my tailbone and dislocated my hip, and the damage from that still lingers, manifesting in different ways as I age and shift my activities. The five miles is my “normal” (sometimes even six) so the goal is simply to return to what I was doing a few months ago, and if it seems like a lot of time and effort, for that you can “blame” my dogs, who are much happier with the exercise. I’m up to four miles, so it isn’t too far away. 🙂

      1. Teri D

        Jill, Yes. I did. I understand better now. Sorry about the horse accident. I also live with chronic pain and have learn what I need to do to work with it rather than against it. Lots of people don’t understand. Sigh. I hope you will feel better soon and reach your goal!
        Your dogs are lovely. I’m sure they love the long walks! I have a 4 yo Yorkie and a 8 yo York-a-chon who is blind. They love to go on outings, but it is more about the sniffing of everything! So it ends up being not much of a walk, but they love it! Take care. 😊

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