Daily Archives: March 3, 2017

Gratitude Friday


1. Morning walks with the dogs. Oh how I’ve missed this. Finally mostly healed from a bum knee, a fall on the ice, and surgery, yesterday morning I was able to go on my first solo morning walk with the dogs. It did not disappoint.

2. Teachers, writers, and friends that say and write the most amazing, helpful things — things that on some days are the only thing that will keep me from giving up. Tenderhearted, smart, kind, funny humans like Jeff Oaks and Jena Schwartz and Laurie Wagner and Susan Piver.


3. Practice. Meditation, yoga, writing, and dog. And, as I was telling my friend Justine, even marriage. With the right intention and an open heart, it can all be practice.

4. Sweet things, salty things. Ice cream and chocolate and potatoes and cheese, in particular but in no particular order.

5. My tiny family. Cuddling with Sam (which he doesn’t do very often, so it’s special), laughing or taking a walk with Eric, and just waiting around for the next thing Ringo is going to do, because it’s guaranteed to make me crazy and happy, simultaneously.


Bonus joy: being able to walk 3.62 miles without pain, a good week at work, good TV, good books, good food, clean water, soaking in a tub of hot water, clean sheets, finishing the laundry, being able to pay bills and give, being seen, taking a nap, sunshine, Wild Writing, spending time with good people.