Something Good

Sometimes Mondays make me feel just like the person lying in the middle of this circle

1. You May Want to Marry My Husband by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This broke my heart this weekend. Not just because it’s a beautiful piece written by a human woman only two years older than me dying of cancer about her love for her husband and her life, “I want more time with Jason. I want more time with my children. I want more time sipping martinis at the Green Mill Jazz Club on Thursday nights. But that is not going to happen. I probably have only a few days left being a person on this planet.” It’s more than that — I love Amy Krouse Rosenthal, this specific, particular, wonderful human. She wrote one of my favorite books, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, and was always doing some cool new project or making a movie or writing yet another children’s book. I had no idea she was even sick until I read her essay this weekend. I emailed my friend Sherry, who hosted a “Plant a Kiss Day Blog Hop” I took part in back in 2013 in honor of Amy’s birthday. She’d only just heard the news as well, and quickly put together plans for another collective project to honor Amy. I invite you to join us, kind and gentle reader, both in celebrating Amy and in our brokenheartedness.

2. Wisdom from Alexandra Franzen, “If you hold yourself to incredibly high standards, and if you’re really hard on yourself—like, ALL THE TIME—I just want you to know that you’re so beautiful and wonderful and smart, and it’s OK to be nicer to yourself. You’re doing a really good job. Just wanted you to know. In case you forgot.”

3. Stop Procrastinating. Start Writing. A FREE class co-lead by Susan Hyatt and Alexandra Franzen. “If you want to write—but you struggle with procrastination and perfectionism—this is for you. It’s a short class that I’m doing with my friend Susan Hyatt. It’s happening on March 9th. It starts at 9:30am Pacific. It will be uplifting and fun. It’s ONLINE. Also, it’s FREE! If you sign up here, you’ll get instructions on how to participate, and you’ll also get a video recording that you can watch later if you can’t attend the live dealio.” I signed up, because Alexandra is one of those people who is able to inspire me when I’m at my lowest.

4. The Republic of the Body: A New Writing Group from Jena Schwartz. Don’t let that title throw you — yes, Jena introduces her new writing group at the end of the post, but before that, she says some really thoughtful, interesting things about the connections between yoga and writing.

5. Our Lady of Strays. “The world’s greatest dog sanctuary is on a small farm in Costa Rica, where hundreds of canines run wild over the land—eating huge piles of food and slobbering happily on Lya Battle and her small band of dedicated volunteers.”

6. Intricate Fruit & Vegetable Carvings by Japanese Artist Gaku. This is so cool. Check out his Instagram for more good stuff:

7. Steve Martin Teaches Comedy, an online class. “Learn how to find your voice, gather material, develop an act, and take your comedy to the next level.” I am really tempted to take this class, even though I don’t think I have any interest in going into comedy. In related news, Here are 250 Ivy League courses you can take online right now for free.

8. ’13th’ wasn’t around to watch in your history class. 13 reasons to watch it now. Such an important film.

9. 6 Things You Need to Recover From Every Day. I know how to push; I’m not so good at recovery.

10. How to Get Out of the Cycle of Outrage In a Trump World. At this point, I’ll try just about anything.

11. Bob Harper’s Heart Attack from Dances with Fat. “What we need is a paradigm that is based on health, not body size, where the focus is on creating a world where people have the opportunity to love and appreciate their bodies, and see them as worthy of care, and where everyone has access to types of movement they want to do, types of food they want to eat, and the kind of healthcare that wealthy people like Bob Harper get.”

12. A very good list of vital writing advice — Do not ignore! from Chuck Wendig.

13. Darling ’50s trailer home in Palm Springs can be yours for $55K. Love the style, but it would be too hot for me there.

14. Joint Address Issues Survey. “Now is your chance to give your input. Let us know what issues you want President Trump to focus on and your ideas for the future of our country. Take the survey and share your thoughts.”

15. Unlearning Fat Phobia Is A Lifelong Process. Word.

16. What Does Your Black Future Look Like?, a short video.

17. Becoming Acquainted With Ambivalence. “U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s assertion that faculty members tell students what to say and think distorts a basic fact: most professors are dedicated to teaching their students to think independently and critically, argues Susan Resneck Pierce.”

18. Keep Learning About Black History With These 23 Vital Books.

19. Let’s Bring a Goddamn Bookstore to the Bronx! “An initiative by The Lit. Bar to bring the ONLY bookstore to a borough of over 1.4 million people.” They met their goal, but there are still 13 days left to give them a little more help. In related news, 30 New and Old Books by Black Authors You Should Read.

20. Me & Eve, “my way of giving women the opportunity to be seen, heard, and respected. One Women + One Question = Change.” A really cool project.

21. My Glorious Return to the Library. “If you can get to a library and afford it, get your library card. You don’t even have to use it to be helping out in a real way. But I think once you do have that library card burning up your pocket, you’ll hear the books calling.”

22. Podcasts with Isabel Foxen Duke, a Certified Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert who helps women stop feeling crazy around food:,,,, and

23. Introducing The Winner Of The 2017 Tiny Desk Contest: Tank and the Bangas.

24. Detroit student Dannah Wilson’s emotional response to Betsy DeVos. #BlackGirlMagic

25. Fragile Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer. Be sure to check out her Instagram account too.

26. The Story of Sancho. Left in an abandoned house to starve, Johnjay Van Es found Sancho’s original family and reunited them. I love this so much.

27. Women’s History Month: Women of color.

28. Open Heart Project Sangha membership special offer. Good through March 14. Join for a year (totally worth ten times as much as is being charged) and get $200 extra additional goodies.

29. How Do You Raise A Feminist Daughter? Chimamanda Adichie Has 15 Suggestions.

30. This Weekend Some White Lady Is Running a Tag Sale At John Hope Franklin’s House, An original poem by Camille T. Dungy.

31. Unemployed Indigenous poet Ali Cobby Eckermann wins $215,000 literary prize.

32. Notes from the Wreck by Jeff Oaks.

33. This lab puppy barking and howling in his sleep is stupid cute.

34. Fort Collins for Progress gains momentum with small staff, but big plans. They are certainly helping me stay informed and active.

35. Time’s 2014 ‘Person of the Year’ Dies in Childbirth. So sad.

36. New Show Tackles The Crap Asian American Women Deal With Everyday.

37. 5 Ways I Need White Women to Level Up Feminism Right Now.

38. Magician perfectly destroys anti-transgender bathroom argument. In related news, An Introduction to Transgender People.

5 thoughts on “Something Good

    1. Teri D

      Jill, I am so very happy to see that you found “You may want to marry my husband.” My brother is a remote journalist for The NY Times. He tweeted this essay as extraordinary last Friday. I almost forward it to you, but wasn’t sure it was within your interest. I’m glad it found its way to you. Yes, touching! And a reminder that there are so many things we take for granted. Great add to your list. 👍

  1. Alannah Kavanagh Auel

    This is a very long GOOD list. I’ve only gotten to #5 and I’ve been engaged in this list for 30+ minutes. I signed up for the writing class and I absolutely love the yoga/writing series you shared. My reading time is up for today, but somehow I’m going to have to remember to come back to this tomorrow. All the best and thanks for sharing. 🙂


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