Something Good


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. being arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, for “loitering” in 1958

1. Wisdom from Martin Luther King, Jr., “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

2. … and it bends toward justice from Seth Godin. “We can connect, we can publish, we can lead. Anyone reading this has the ability to care, and to do something about it. We have more power than we dare imagine.”

3. Sarah Gailey: Get Rich Or Die Trying — On Repealing The ACA. “This is the endgame of the ACA repeal: death for those who can’t afford insurance and who can’t privately pay for healthcare…While this may sound harsh, it shouldn’t be surprising. The social Darwinism that drives so much of America’s rhetoric — the pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps narrative that undergirds the American Dream — makes a snug fit with the consequences of the ACA repeal. This is the comfort of the wealthy: those who can’t afford healthcare can’t afford it because they’re lazy. They didn’t try hard enough, so when they die, they have only themselves to blame.

4. the #makelight project from Karen Waldrond at Chookooloonks. In related news, The Show and Fuel Empathy (SAFE) Project from Jena Schwartz and The Year of Reading Dangerously from Rita Ott Ramstad and her daughter Grace.

5. INFOGRAPHIC: Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers. This would be way more inspiring if there were more than one woman on it and if the men weren’t ALL white.

5. From Ronna Detrick’s “Notes from Her” this week, “Do what your intuition tells you, what you can clearly discern as the right course of action. Trust-trust-trust that you know what you’re doing. And let everything else go – every fear, every anticipated reaction, even every expected risk and certain cost. It’s all going to work out.”

6. This 4-Year-Old Who Read 1,000 Books Was The Library Of Congress’s Librarian For A Day. “She has her own library card and is a regular at her local library. Her favorite author is Mo Willems, and she loves to read about dinosaurs. She plans to read 1,500 books before she enters kindergarten, and wants to help teach other kids to read, too. Additionally, Daliyah is working on learning to read in Spanish, which her dad speaks.”

7. Let Her Learn: Join the Fight to Stop School Pushout. “Schools are unfairly pushing Black girls out. They suspend them for minor stuff—like ‘having an attitude’ or ‘talking back.’ These so-called violations are often informed by stereotypes and bias. The result? More frequent and harsher punishment for Black girls.”

8. How Federal Tax Dollars Support Planned Parenthood Patients, an infographic. “‘Defunding’ Planned Parenthood is a misnomer. Extremists’ true intent is to block millions of people who rely on Medicaid from getting care at Planned Parenthood health centers.”

9. Wisdom from Carlos Castaneda, by way of A Design So Vast, “The art of being a warrior is to balance the wonder and the terror of being alive.”

10. Ten Tips for Making Interesting Images, some great fundamental tips.

11. Why should I write by hand? from Sarah Selecky, a really great explanation. “The point of writing by hand is to train yourself to become more receptive.”

12. You Don’t Have to Carry the Extra Weight from Be More With Less.

13. Reservation Restoration. “Reservation Restoration is an entirely volunteer run organization dedicated to reducing the effects of poverty, increasing the health and wellbeing, and creating a positive sustainable environment for Native Americans across generations. The organization pursues this mission through the direct provision of goods and services, education and training, and evolving partnerships with other organizations.”

14. Rev. angel Kyodo williams on why she’s hopeful about this moment in US politics.

15. Solange on Interview. Beyoncé interviews her sister, (who made the BEST album of 2016, A Seat at the Table).

16. Top 5 things to do instead of lose weight in 2017. In related news, 9 People Pose Nude To Show What Body Diversity Really Looks Like.

17. Connecticut Politician Arrested For Grabbing Woman’s Groin, Called it A ‘Joke.’ This makes me so mad I can’t even comment on it, brings up so many reasons to be angry I don’t even know where to start.

18. Week 9: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember. Another installment of Amy Siskind’s weekly list, “to capture changes in the fabric of our country, so we can refer back, and recall what used to be normal and acceptable.”

19. Remembering Dr. King’s Legacy That Many Forget from The Root.

20. Wisdom from Desiree Lynn Adaway, “The civil rights movement isn’t history; it is an ongoing struggle for justice, equality & dignity.”

21. More than two dozen members of Congress are boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration. In related news, check out the comments section on this post, Would you like an invite to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony?

22. Ken E. Nwadike, Jr. (Free Hugs project founder) got a surprise gift from Clif Bar.

23. Nina Turner’s speech in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in DC.

24. As a MAX train approached, this car got stuck on the icy tracks in Portland. “What happened next speaks to the best in people.”

25. SNL: Donald Trump answers questions at his first press conference as president-elect. This is the only version I’ve been able to watch.

26. Are you racist? ‘No’ isn’t a good enough answer. “What hurts one of us hurts all of us.”

27. How To Get A Revenge Body.

28. Michael Moore Just Told Trump The Top 6 Reasons Why He’s An “Illegitimate” President.

29. This dance group is fighting discrimination on stage through ballet.

30. Giants, another great show from Issa Rae, premieres January 25. In related news, ‘Awkward’ And ‘Insecure’ Get To The Root Of Writer Issa Rae’s Humor, an interview on Fresh Air.

31. Where are Colin Kaepernick’s critics now?

32. Wisdom from Melissa Fabello on Twitter:

Why is “wellness” only marketed toward thin, white, blonde, pretty, able-bodied women who can afford organic smoothies?

Why does does “wellness” only ever look like thin, white women laughing joyfully while holding carrots???

How the f**k do you promote holistic wellness, but completely ignore the social determinants of health (aka oppression)???

If you want a perfect visual example of how oppression works, this is it: Only people with the most privilege are allowed to be healthy.

– @fyeahmfabello

33. Sterling K. Brown: ‘Black Panther’ Is ‘Politically Astute’ And ‘Socially Relevant.’

34. This tweet from Carlos Maza:

35. KING: Arizona lawmaker proposes new bill banning classes or events discussing social justice on college campuses. “It appears that Bob Thorpe actually has a bigger problem with students and staff discussing white privilege than he does with the unfair privilege itself.” This kind of attitude fucking terrifies me.

36. “I love this country as much if not more than you do and don’t you ever forget that.” A clip from Black-ish that inspired me to start watching the show from the beginning.

37. Some of Us are Brave: Lovely Speeches are Not Radical. “In this increasingly frightening political environment, we cannot afford to mistake nice liberal speeches for the radicalism that is needed to fight the dismantling of democracy and human decency.”

38. Anti-Trump Women’s March Loses the Support of the NAACP of Portland After Leaders Refused to Talk About Race. “‘I didn’t want to be part of the march if it was going to be a white-woman kumbaya march,’ Jo Ann Hardesty, the president of the group, tells WW.”

39. My new favorite t-shirt.

40. Donald Trump is ‘gaslighting’ all of us. Any woman who has ever been abused, worked for a narcissist boss or had a difficult relationship with her father or had a horrible boyfriend or shitty friends, recognized this a long time ago. In related news, Donald Trump’s businesses owe $1.8bn to more than 150 different institutions, new study suggests.

41. Wisdom from Malala Yousafzai, “There comes a moment you have to decide: Do you keep quiet or do you stand up.”

42. The Gospel of Life Eternal is for LGBTQ and Every Single Created Being by The Rev. Kaji Douša.

43. Wisdom from Heather Plett. “If you’re busy dismantling the patriarchy, you don’t need to know how to fold a fitted sheet.”

44. Moonlight. I finally saw this movie yesterday and can not stop thinking about it.

45. Marshawn Feltus learned yoga while serving 18 years in prison. “He never thought yoga would turn into a career, let alone a business.”

46. Recipe I want to try: Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl.

47. Pretty Big Movement is destroying stereotypes about what dancers should look like.

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  1. musicmegga

    This post is full of so many ‘something goods’. I’m clicking on and read almost every one! Thanks Jill, for compiling all these Good Somethings. 💚🤗💚🌎


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